Thursday, April 15, 2010

Topsy Turvey

One of those days again... I spent 5 hours of it for all intents and purposes having a tiny bit of my heart ripped off and mangled - long story I can't go into here and the last half happy that we got the house we applied for yesterday *yay* Then to be told that maybe some costs incurred by the move wont be re-imbursed by the Coles group as we'd been told (things can't be this difficult all the time right?!?!)

Anyhoos, the best thing was that we got the house!!! The kids all will have their own rooms, they have a HUGE undercover access shed that will be transformed into a rumpus/play room, it's quite central to the city (20 meters from the main highway that runs between Adelaide and Melbourne ;)) It has a HUGE kitchen and a pantry *wahoo* 2 loo's and bathrooms (a HUGE benefit with 4 kids ;)) and a study/office, lovely laundry room, established friuit trees, rainwater tank, automatic watering system for the lawns and gardens, HUGE decking that goes between the house and the shed and all undercover, BBQ area on mains gas, beautiful old cottage frontage to the house oooh I can gush and gush and sigh - needless to say we're pretty happy :) Now I can't wait to move on the 29th!!!

The next job is to get the kids enrolled into school for next week's start to term 2.... Could be interesting with no lease as yet as most schools seem to want leases to prove your address - fun eh ;)

Ooops, call back to reality - Dirty nappy to change... Yummy :P LOL
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