Friday, October 23, 2009

I am Thankful.....

~ I originally posted this in my facebook "notes" Sept 2nd 2009~

I'm thankful for feeling my babies burning skin - for it means I can feel and work out he's sick...

I'm thankful for Dom spitting panadol back out at me at 5am - for it means that we have access to medications...

I'm thankful for having a rental inspection tomorrow - for it means we have shelter from the cold...

I'm thankful for the carpet cleaner coming this morning - for it means that we have finances to pay him and keep someone locally employed...

I'm thankful for the car in for repairs at the mechanics this morning - for it means we have transport...

I'm thankful for squeezing in a doctors appointment - for it means we are in a country that has facilities prompt medical treatment

I'm thankful for going to Devonport this afternoon - for it means I have family and friends who want to see me

I'm thankful for everything happening at once - for it means the big guy upstairs must think I can handle it all.... I wish I had the same faith in myself!!!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There Were Some Positives....

I just realised my update was all negative.. positives did happen ;) Umm can't rightly think right now due to over-tiredness and exhaustion but I know they are there!!!

I did take some decent pics of Lisa's two youngest :) I love the sunflare one of her daughter :) Here it is.. it's jsut so soft and dreamy....

Hump Day... about to turn into grocery day... from next week on I will be using my Wednesday's as shopping and organising days... It helps that Nathan has the morning off and works "lates" It meas I will be meal planning weekly and working on grocery lists - most probably over the weekend when I have everyone home and can work out their tastes for the week ahead.... Well that's the plan LOL - things are likely to change hahaha

Enough of plans, a little update *sigh* I just want life to slow down from time to time.. Right now I feel everything is on "full steam ahead" but I wish it was one "go slow and enjoy" I try to take time to smell the roses but feel that I get pushed in the back to go by faster... Probably makes no sense but hey, I probably don't make sense most days LOL Today I spent the morning at my friend Jess's having coffee with her and Lisa... It was really nice to be out of the house for something other than to run around but it's kinda frustrating knowing that there's so much to do at home.... I really have to find the time and energy to get on top of it - and as silly as it sounds saying that at the moment knowing I'm not going to be home properly until Monday next week - augh!!! We have Kahli seeing a specialist appointment about her broken nose on Friday and the Matthew (Lisa's son's) party over the weekend (sleepover) sooooo trying not to make excuses but, well.. it feels like I am but hey I'm not - HONEST!!!

As for update... yesterday we had two negatives... firstly Dommy was sitting on the lounge besides me at Lisa's drinking from his sippy cup when somehow (I still can't work it out) he fell face first onto the hard floor on top of his sippy cup :( my poor little man has a black eye, bruise on his cheek and a egg on his forehead :( I feel so bad.... there was no way I could have prevented it, well yes it could have been if I was holding him down or sat him on the floor - I was reparing a napy for him to be changed into... but I have to wrack it up to experience... I hate it all the same knowing I was sittig right beside him and he still hurt himself!!! I've got piccies (how surprising - not LOL) but Nathan doesn't want me to put them up onlie in case some smart arse decides to call child welfare - guess it pays to be over careful now-days :(

Second negative was Kahli was caught stealing at KMart again - by me this time.. she was caught last week stuffing lollies into her pockets by a staff member... yesterday I did a pat down at the door before the kids all left and she had jewelry in her pocket!!!! I really am at my wits end with working out what to do.. she's lying her little head off and trying to live in her own reality world where she is all but a Cinderella character.. being abused by her mummy and daddy and mistreated by her brothers, starved and neglected and made work for everyone - far from the truth but I'm almost too scared to get professional help for her knowing she is going to lie her head off and possibly get us into strife... I just don't know what to so any more :( I feel really frustrated because she has it in her to be a great kid... I wish she could express herself in a more positive way.... Nathan actually packed her off to do a little visit at the police station yesterday purely out of desperation to try and offset this behaviour somehow, but all they did was like a personal tour like they do for school - I don't feel confident it will do anything so I am putting into action the next stage in keeping her out of trouble - it's purchasing one of the toddler handcuff/lead thingies so anytime she is in a store with us she is connected to either a pram, hand or trolly at all times - she wont be able to be out of sight or run off at all... Will be hard for her being an almost 10 year old ad treated like a baby, but I just don't know what else to do **sigh**

Anyhoos, Nathan has just got in from his nightshift.. time to make a coffee/hot chocolate and ready for bed for some well earned sleep...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Guilty Pleasures....

This weeks challenge blog is about our guilty pleasures... I've been mulling this one over for the last few days since stumbling upon the blogging group and was honestly left scratching my head...

In the meantime I've been sitting back with a hazelnut nescafe coffee stick coffee drink thingy (hey I know what I mean LOL) reading and updating facebook, playing facebook games, searching out seeds for my proposed veggie garden on ebay and online shops, hyena-ing a gorgeous MCN set for my baby boy and re-connecting with my blog and searching out my favourite music on you tube... All the while processing photo's for friends and family in lightroom and playing with them in photoshop as well as in "my time" playing a bit of World of Warcraft and whooping some alliance backsides in Barthilas (for the horde!!) and then it hit me - My guilty pleasure is my computer!!!

Guilty as I know I spend waaaay too much time and money with it LOL But it is a necessity, a work horse and for me a pleasure!!

I usually sit in my chair in the corner with my feet elevated on the stool that is meant to be my laptop table and laptop on my lap whilst I type and click away with the TV on in front of me playing a music channel from Austar... My mouse is in my right hand when in use and I use my rather ample thigh as a mouse pad ;) The funny thing with this laptop is at the moment things seem to take twice as long as normal to do at the moment as my poor old MacBook Pro is so well loved she has worn out and lost several keys - I'm missing my "n", left shift, return and control keys - as well as that she is onto her third power-cord - for some reason they just give up the ghost on me - augh!!! But I love my computer - however am looking forward to receiving an upgrade for my birthday in a few weeks (the upgrade is being received in a few weeks - not my birthday LOL)

This lappy has sooo many good memories on it - so many photo's and friends are to be found - especially in facebook.. at the moment I'm addicted to the cafe world game (warning do not start playing!!!) I can usually find someone to chat to if I need an ear to vent to or some friendly advice, It's a great place to re-connect with friends and family who have moved away - making the world that little bit smaller and bringing it into my lounge room :) It's a place where I can search out information and support for the health issues myself and my family are being affected by of late - I can also be very practical and bank pay parking fines etc on my computer!!! There's a wealth of information and resources at ones finger tips with a computer hence mine being my guilty pleasure...

On my computer I can interact, socialise, drool, cry, vent, buy, relate, support, inform, educate and most of all share my life and experieces with a wider world and hopefully find some new friends along the way....

I summary, my guilty pleasure is my computer.. be it online or off.... It's my portal to the world :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Weeks Challenge...

I've just joined an Australia blogging group and they have weekly challenges :) this I hope will keep me on track and regular here (for a change Hahaha) This is last weeks challenge because I'm sooo late with everything hahaha....

Tell use TEN things you want to do in your lifetime that you've yet to achieve:

  1. Do a Road Trip around Australia
  2. Complete a Uni degree (currently working on Bach Fine arts - hoping to major in photography)
  3. Survive the teenage years with my kids!!!
  4. Travel out of Australia at least once
  5. Live in one house for at least 5 years
  6. Become organised
  7. Be brave enough to start my own business
  8. Finish scrapbooking all our photo's (not helped by my incessant need to keep photographing the kids LOL)
  9. Be happy with myself
  10. run/walk the Burnie 10 - just so I can say I've done it LOL

Oooooh - Spring Shopping????

I've made a biiig mistake - I opened a couple of websites with seeds and gardening devices when the sun was shining, I'm now trying to resist the little "paypal" button on them... augh it's sooo hard LOL Maybe just a few seeds will do?? Hahaha maybe, maybe not LOL I'm going to try to grow some spaghetti squash again and heirloom carrots - the kids love the purple variety ;) ahhhh I'm pathetic ROFL

I'm also trying to justify purchasing a few grow bags to grow them in.... I think the justification is winning out over any other thoughts to not get them LOL I had a little area set aside for a veggie garden here only to discover it is on top of a huuuuge ant nest - the pesky little bitey ants and I'm not too keen to try and dig it up (chicken ain't I LOL) And another plus of the grow bags is that they have a greenhouse adaption so I can grow early tomatoes next year.... See said I was a sucker Hahaha

Kahli is home from school today, she has been sleeping a lot over the weekend and said she was unwell this morning, I was sooo not in the mood to argue and send her only to have the school call and say to pick her up so she's sitting in the chair playing her DS - she's not ill, I'm sure of it but **sigh** I've got no energy to fight - another "sucker" moment there LOL

Well Dommy is fast asleep, I'm off to possibly grab a little nap myself... Still under the weather but hoping the antibiotics will kick in and things start to look up soon :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to it.....

It being my blog :)

I know I've been sooooo sooo slack - a lot has happened this year, not all can be shared here but all I can say is bring on 2010!!!

So what did I update last?? Omg - no idea LOL

Anyways March we went to WA for Nathan's friends wedding - had a GREAT time :) and lots of piccies to share ;) 2 weeks after we returned a good friend of mine passed away with no warning and no reason :( natural causes at 29 years of age?? hmmm so hard to understand that but it's the official findings by the coroner :(

Then I've had kids sick, me sick (lost my voice for almost a month!!!) ummm what else... Nathan has been passing out with no explanation at the moment - he's just had an EEG to rule out a return of his epilepsy - which is the lesser of the reasons that are currently being investigated.... so I've some added stress there too, umm other stuff - there's lots but what to mention here LOL Actually more to the point what can I remember hahaha - mental blanks reign supreme here at the moment haha Oh yes, my dad has recently bee diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and found out on his 65th birthday that it can be treated with one shot of radiation all going well so hopefully things are going to be good there :) oh and how can I forget - my little boy has turned 1 year old!!!!

Anyways it's bee busy busy and things never run smooth for us but I guess you take what you get right and work with it... No use complaining too much as we are alive and as much as things can hurt at least we are experiencing it and have the opportunity to grow and learn from it - easy to say when looking back, not so easy to see when going through....

So where are we right now?? Right now I have Domenik screaming to be lot down from his high chair... Nathan's offering him his sippy cup first.. not sure if it will work but can only try LOL Th older kids are in their respective bedrooms meant to be cleaning but fighting instead... BTW Sippy cup was a no-go... He's got his way and being released from high captivity lol ummm and me, I'm sitting at my laptop trying to type a blog entry with a keyboard that is missing it's N, shift, control and enter buttons, suffering a mild headache from a sinus infection ad coughing up a lung from what I think could be a chest infection that I will get treated this afternoon when the docs open at 2pm....

So life does go on, things happen that we must learn from and try to bounce back from and I've sooo many piccies to upload and share :)

I'd better run and tend to my baby boy (well not so much baby anymore LOL) as he's bouncing up and down in temper beside me trying to scream for attention - funny thing is the more you ignore his tantrum the louder he gets so the sooner we go to him... LOL I'm a sucker ROFL