Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to it.....

It being my blog :)

I know I've been sooooo sooo slack - a lot has happened this year, not all can be shared here but all I can say is bring on 2010!!!

So what did I update last?? Omg - no idea LOL

Anyways March we went to WA for Nathan's friends wedding - had a GREAT time :) and lots of piccies to share ;) 2 weeks after we returned a good friend of mine passed away with no warning and no reason :( natural causes at 29 years of age?? hmmm so hard to understand that but it's the official findings by the coroner :(

Then I've had kids sick, me sick (lost my voice for almost a month!!!) ummm what else... Nathan has been passing out with no explanation at the moment - he's just had an EEG to rule out a return of his epilepsy - which is the lesser of the reasons that are currently being investigated.... so I've some added stress there too, umm other stuff - there's lots but what to mention here LOL Actually more to the point what can I remember hahaha - mental blanks reign supreme here at the moment haha Oh yes, my dad has recently bee diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and found out on his 65th birthday that it can be treated with one shot of radiation all going well so hopefully things are going to be good there :) oh and how can I forget - my little boy has turned 1 year old!!!!

Anyways it's bee busy busy and things never run smooth for us but I guess you take what you get right and work with it... No use complaining too much as we are alive and as much as things can hurt at least we are experiencing it and have the opportunity to grow and learn from it - easy to say when looking back, not so easy to see when going through....

So where are we right now?? Right now I have Domenik screaming to be lot down from his high chair... Nathan's offering him his sippy cup first.. not sure if it will work but can only try LOL Th older kids are in their respective bedrooms meant to be cleaning but fighting instead... BTW Sippy cup was a no-go... He's got his way and being released from high captivity lol ummm and me, I'm sitting at my laptop trying to type a blog entry with a keyboard that is missing it's N, shift, control and enter buttons, suffering a mild headache from a sinus infection ad coughing up a lung from what I think could be a chest infection that I will get treated this afternoon when the docs open at 2pm....

So life does go on, things happen that we must learn from and try to bounce back from and I've sooo many piccies to upload and share :)

I'd better run and tend to my baby boy (well not so much baby anymore LOL) as he's bouncing up and down in temper beside me trying to scream for attention - funny thing is the more you ignore his tantrum the louder he gets so the sooner we go to him... LOL I'm a sucker ROFL
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