Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Weeks Challenge...

I've just joined an Australia blogging group and they have weekly challenges :) this I hope will keep me on track and regular here (for a change Hahaha) This is last weeks challenge because I'm sooo late with everything hahaha....

Tell use TEN things you want to do in your lifetime that you've yet to achieve:

  1. Do a Road Trip around Australia
  2. Complete a Uni degree (currently working on Bach Fine arts - hoping to major in photography)
  3. Survive the teenage years with my kids!!!
  4. Travel out of Australia at least once
  5. Live in one house for at least 5 years
  6. Become organised
  7. Be brave enough to start my own business
  8. Finish scrapbooking all our photo's (not helped by my incessant need to keep photographing the kids LOL)
  9. Be happy with myself
  10. run/walk the Burnie 10 - just so I can say I've done it LOL
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