Monday, October 19, 2009

Oooooh - Spring Shopping????

I've made a biiig mistake - I opened a couple of websites with seeds and gardening devices when the sun was shining, I'm now trying to resist the little "paypal" button on them... augh it's sooo hard LOL Maybe just a few seeds will do?? Hahaha maybe, maybe not LOL I'm going to try to grow some spaghetti squash again and heirloom carrots - the kids love the purple variety ;) ahhhh I'm pathetic ROFL

I'm also trying to justify purchasing a few grow bags to grow them in.... I think the justification is winning out over any other thoughts to not get them LOL I had a little area set aside for a veggie garden here only to discover it is on top of a huuuuge ant nest - the pesky little bitey ants and I'm not too keen to try and dig it up (chicken ain't I LOL) And another plus of the grow bags is that they have a greenhouse adaption so I can grow early tomatoes next year.... See said I was a sucker Hahaha

Kahli is home from school today, she has been sleeping a lot over the weekend and said she was unwell this morning, I was sooo not in the mood to argue and send her only to have the school call and say to pick her up so she's sitting in the chair playing her DS - she's not ill, I'm sure of it but **sigh** I've got no energy to fight - another "sucker" moment there LOL

Well Dommy is fast asleep, I'm off to possibly grab a little nap myself... Still under the weather but hoping the antibiotics will kick in and things start to look up soon :)
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