Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pinch and a Punch....

No Return!!!!

Well I've finally got the internet up and running again - Yaayy!! I was getting withdrawals from not having ready access to it for so long!!! It really screwed with my aim to do a post a day in April - guess my first month for a post a day will have to be May ;) LOL

Well, day 2 in the new house... We're still surrounded by many boxes but getting through them quite ok. A few things are missing (my mop and bucket the most annoying so far!!!) and I'm sure there will be a few casualties more, but hey, thems the breaks (literally) LOL

The kids have settled really well into their new school. William has joined the local football team. The funny thing about that is back in Burnie the school played football there too. With the Australian Football Association - also called Soccer. When he came home with the notice last week saying he wanted to play football I thought 'great' He will make friends and be playing a sport he loves and is good at... Only thing is football over here isn't soccer - it's AFL!!!! A sport I said my kids would never play because of the roughness... I know it's not as bad as that but **sigh** let me say, even little 8/9 year olds on the paddock kick that ball darn hard and push darn hard and tackle darn hard an being an over protective mumma gave me a few 'look away' moments!!!! I'll adjust - I hope!!! LOL But he had the time of his life (and his new white footy boots are now quite brown LOL) He scored 1 goal and 2 points, pretty good for a boy who has only had one practice session and then whammo - into the game!!! Proud mumma moment (even though it is footy **shakes head**)

Right now I'm off to go grab some pantry staples to get us through this next fortnight. I'm trying to adjust to this monthly for him and fortnightly for me pay scheme... it's taking a bit LOL weekly was soooo much easier (ahh the complaints eh LOL) I need to re-stock everything as most of our staples were either running out or close to use by or handed on when we moved. I couldn't stand the though of it all being in storage for 3-4 weeks after being opened.. I don't know why but it gave my tummy butterflies thinking what could get into it in storage!!! Maybe I'm a bit of a food snob, dunno but we're starting afresh regardless cos it all ain't here LOL One way to force myself into purging it all LOL

So off I go with shopping list in hand - this one is for baking. Yesterday I did the meat and veggies... I just hope my menu plan will work and we wont run short or need emergency trips to the supermarket!!!

BTW - so far I love SA... it kinda feels weird when I think we're not in Tassie anymore.. It's like next week we will be home or I'll snap back to reality and be back in Tas... I wonder when this feeling will end and I feel at home properly over here???
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