Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Week Begins...

**yawn** Sunday, a day of relaxation and reflection.. Hmmm not quite here LOL

The day started at 8am with the kids all excited because they had extra 10 pin bowling practise at gambier Bowl at 9am **yawn** Augh!! What have I got myself into?!?!? They had a blast though... It seems that Aleks in particular takes after his daddy and has some ability. After 4 games in total he's edging towards an average of around 80 already - considering Nathan scored 120's in his games today that means Aleks isn't that far behind!!! Oh and in case junior league for the kids isn't enough Nathan's looking at joining a league as well **sigh** oh well - could be worse.. better to bowl and work some energy off than to be down at the pub excercising his elbow and stretching the belt ;)

So early start (well for a Sunday it was) we got home at 1pm in the end - lunch time... Since then we watched a movie (Hellboy) and now it's time to be getting dinner ready (slow cooker chicken and roast veggies) then hopefully a continuance of relaxing (although looking at the housework around me I seriously doubt it) until bed time - here's hoping ;)

So pretty much I guess an OK start to the week... here's hoping the rest of the weekdays roll around with little stress and we hit another weekend bright, happy and with a twinkle in ones eye (yes rose coloured glasses will be put away one day ;))

Ooooh and we're almost into June already!! Half the year almost gone - where has it disappeared to!?!?!?
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