Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scrappin' Sunday

Well not much has happened or been achieved really in this household today. I spent the morning feeling hung over, well what I assume feeling hung over must feel like as I've never been drunk to know the real thing LOL. Yesterdays/last nights headache/migraine really bit down and hung on hard - it took some panadeine forte today to finally shake it - well kinda, it's still lurking and I can feel it when my stress levels rise (what would one expect but stress with 3 pre-teens and a mischevious toddler LOL) but we're muddling through ;)

Soo what have I done all day??? Worked on some scrapping :) in between kids stuff, arguments, playing, nappying, feeding, cleaning, refereeing, placating, soothing and general mummying that is - ahhhh what a day!!!

Anyways, here's what I've finished today... I've now completed all 4 cyber crop challenges for Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia, now to get working on the monthly challenges :)

BTW - anyone wanting to get in on scrapbooking again (Kakka, not looking at you in particular - oh wait, yes I am ROFL) go check it out - great friendly and laid back bunch of girls - and soooo helpful!!! Loving them already :)


Challenge details - inspiration from the below poster from "Up" movie.

It must include a minimalist/white space approach, bright colours, and a one word title. Sooo My inspiration for this one was the sky and cloud background. I've had the quilted cloud paper laying around since I started scrapping over 10 years ago - it's about time I used it LOL I decided on turning the journeling box into a kite, kind of like the house became during times in the movie.... It also allowed me to add some bright colour which was one of the challenge elements.

The second layout for today is....


Challenge details - inspiration from the below poster from the "Twilight" movie.

It must be done with Black and White with 1 other colour (I used shades of green), Diecut base and strip journelling. As soon as I saw the poster I knew the photo I was going to use. I've used the poster as a kind of sketch - the photo and title in similar places to the poster.

So voila... work for the day done... off to serve up slow cooked corned beef cooked in ginger beer - very yummy and sooo tender **drool**
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