Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Challenge done!!

Even if it is a Mini one :) I just hope it's what is wanted....

Here is the challenge "Your challenge is to create a card or layout - must be smaller than a 12x12 - using the poster of one of your all time favourite movies for inspiration!!"

Sooooo I went through a heap of different movie posters to find one that would suit some piccies I have already printed (not as easy as I thought!!) and settled on this poster for Disney Pixars "A Bugs Life"
My mini layout has turned out nothing like what I was setting out to do. I thought I had some green vellum I could rip to resemble the leaf and lay over a pic of one of the kids peeking around a toy or bar kind of thing (heaps of those piccies) But no green vellum and the papers I had just didn't do the same job... This is what I ended up with instead...

The colours are a lot more vibrant and the gold is metallic so pops a bit more... then again maybe being half asleep makes it look better hahaha We'll see what I think of it in the morning before I submit. I'm not convinced it's close enough or draws enough from the movie poster... Guess I'll decide that in the morning ;)

Oh good thing happened today (besides me finding my scrapping papers LOL) We ordered furniture for the house!! It should be here next Monday or Wed.... I can't believe I will after 14.5 years of life on this earth have brand new furniture!!! Wahoo!! So excited LOL - as I've said many times berfore... Ahh the little things in life :)

Ooooh better yet - we have met some adults in real life in Mount Gambier.. That sounds really silly I know, but almost 5 weeks without real adult company it's nice to have met some lovely people :) Hopefully it's a start of some great friendships and futures :)

Woohoo - lots of good stuff happening today hehehe... Hope things continue to look Up!!! Ahh see this months blogging theme of Up is a good thing ;) Things really are starting to look up!!!!

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