Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I received an unexpected suprise this morning when logging on to my computer. A couple of days ago I got a last minute email to enter a piccie of Domenik into a competition to be the face of Nurture Nappies in a Mothers Day photo competition (one of my favourite nappy sites) We were literally within hours of the final cut off deadline so I pulled out any decent photo's I could find of him in a nappy brand that this store stocked - thank goodness they ahve Itti Bitti's (our workhorse nappy)

Domenik in a Gold Itti Bitti

I found out this morning he didn't win - but got a special mention!!!! As a result he's on their websites front page at the moment and will be on their facebook page and will receive a $10 voucher to spend at the Tribe store :) Looking through the store I know $10 wont go far.. but there's such goooorgeous things there we can spend it on LOL

So I had a good start to my mothers day. Firstly Kahli, Aleks and William all made cards for me... Aleks and Kahli both included vouchers for free hugs, kisses and babysitting ;) No expiry and no limits too.. Hmmm I wonder if the babysitting voucher will still be redeemable when they're 16 and I want to go out... LOL Then Domenik has been super smoochie today too.. Lots of laughs and cuddles :) Even though I had to cook my own breakfast (slow cooker porridge), lunch (Pancakes with lemon and sugar) and dinner (slow cooked roast chicken with baked veggies) it was a great day (ignoring the kids arguments and tantrums LOL)

Mothers day isn't about gifts and physical things, it's about love and knowing that despite it all being a mother is the most rewarding things anyone can do!!! I love it, even when I'm pulling my hair out, searching for greys or refereeing pre-teen arguments; it's all soooo much worth it all <3>
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