Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yeah another sickie day here... I've tried to take it easy because my endo also seems to be playing up of late (yucko) So I let Nathan take over the kids as much as I could stand today - not used to him taking over!! LOL I finished a layout in between naps and have started another challenge...


Challenge was to have LO inspired by an Avatar (movie) poster. Also to be at least 50% blue, use a head shot photo, and dots/spots - All covered ;) I'm pretty pleased with it but know that it's going to be outshone by some of the other girls work - they are just brilliant!! A lot has changed in scrapbooking in the past 10 years since I stopped doing it!!

Oh and still no sign of my disks in any boxes - I'm not impressed Grrr. These are the blank disks I need to burn clients photo's onto Grrr Guess it's a trip to KMart this week to buy some more **sigh**

Anyhoos.. off to snuggle in front of the fire.. Hoping that we get our furniture tomorrow!!! **fingers crossed**
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