Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazy Days....

Are a thing of the past once your a mum I'm sure of that... For the kids, that's another matter LOL

For them, any day that mum isn't on to them to clean their room is a lazy day ;) Well I do forget to get on them from time to time, sometimes because I'm busy doing other things, or days like today where I think they've had enough changes and stresses of late that they can have a literal 'lazy day'. I'm certain I read somewhere that psychologists or mental health professionals recommend lazy, or pyjama days every now and then for mental health reasons - I like that though... but not possible if you have a toddler, unless you also have a full time cleaner, nanny, cook and cauffeur!!!

One day I'll probably have lazy days again... then again I can't remember the last lazy day I ever had!?!?!? I can't count on one even for mothers day as Nathan's working **sigh**

So I guess whilst my dream of a lazy day remains just that - a dream, I wish all mothers, grandmothers, mothers to be and mothers with empty arms (bless your little angels xxx) a lazy day for tomorrow, upgraded to a happy, relaxing and memorable Mothers Day 2010 xxxxx

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