Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain on a Tin Roof...

Yes I'm an old James Blundell fan... This song just popped into my head today when sitting back in the quiet of Kids at school, Nathan at work and Dom asleep and hearing the rain pound down on our roof... It was sooooo nice to have the quiet and the rain while sitting in front of the wood heater....

There's something soothing about a warm, flickering wood heater with the cold patter of rain on the roof... Maybe it's the Tasmanian girl in me coming out - being taken back to my childhood , sitting in front of the heater in winter watching "Hey Hey" on a Saturday night - or being taken back even further to when as a 5-6 year old, jumping out of the cooling bath and drying off in front of the wood heater and watching "the Muppets" on the old TV (got to love Kermit LOL)

Maybe it's just every day comfort of a friendly flame and the enveloping warmth with hint of woodsmoke that does me in... Rain in autumn just means fire - electric heating doesn't have the same effect - it's the wood heater and rain that gets me sentimental each and every time :)

Guess who's curling up with a good book this evening in a comfy beanbag right in front of the fire ;)

BTW LuLu, piccie of our cats will come soon, I need room on my computer to upload them off my camera ;)
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