Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog This! Challenge #43 - Seasons

A Photographic Challenge awaits us this week :) We are to find a photo that depicts a season, be it a sport, time, breeding season etc... Me being the boring person I am am just choosing the season that we are in at the moment - Autumn.

My photo was taken back in the beginning of the Tassie autumn this year. The leaves started turning in late January after a reasonably cool summer. This is a gorgeously perfect leaf that fell in the stormy weather that we had been experiencing - a certain start to autumn in Tasmania... It's the most windiest season out!!! I LOVE Tassie autumns and springs, so much colour and they just remind you so vividly about the circle of life... the trees appear to die off in the cool weather only to lay dormant in winter to burst full of colour and life in spring - it's such a gorgeous world we live in!!! We truly are blessed to be able to watch the miracle of seasons and not have to fear about what the next day, week, month etc may bring.

Ok, I know the challenge only asked for 1 photo, but I just had to include this one from our last evening at Somerset beach taken 5 weeks ago - a Gorgeous Tasmanian Autumn sunset :)

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