Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Scrappy Post...

Yeah well you might already be sick of seeing layouts - but tough hahaha... Here are two more I knocked over today and I have another two challenges to try and complete tomorrow to finish up the monthly challenges over at Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia.

First one is a LO (layout) from this sketch...

And my interpretation is....

By The Seaside

I did have a intricate hand cut flower embellishment from a matching paper to go on the bottom left hand corner, but once it was stuck down I realised I should have raised it, but it was too late. It had to come off and was ruined. I couldn't face all the cutting again so went with the sea grass instead ;)

The second one, well the photo isn't that crash hot as it was taken with a flash, I'll get a better one in daylight tomorrow and update. This one was Judith's challenge. We were set the challenge to include a penant/banner, at least 2 chipboard elements and a multi-alpha title. I've covered both the alpha's and chipboards in my title and taken a bit of a risk with my pennant being the heart pennant - hoping it will qualify - it fits the description of a pennant ;)

I love my Family

Sooo that's it for tonight. Bed is calling and I would dearly love a sleep in in the morning - although highly doubt it will come as the older 3 children have all just joined the junior 10 pin bowling league here in the Mount and Sunday mornings they have $2 games so they are on the hunt for a cheap excursion (well cheap on the surface... start multiplying $2 by 3 then by however many games they can fit in before 10am **yawn** and **hip pocket ouchies** Ahh well.. if it keeps them off the streets and in a hobby (never mind the fact they may actually be good at it - their dad was a junior state rep) I can't complain much about that eh ;)

Night all!!!
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