Friday, May 7, 2010

He said "ta ta"!!!

I've been a little concerned about Domeniks speech since his 18 month check... I hadn't worried at all up until then! Those child health nurses really know how to make a mum panic LOL Even a 4 time mum!!!

Apparently he wasn't defining his words or saying enough... Sure, he has older siblings who jump the minute he makes a noise, he jsut needs to point and grunt and they're getting him waht he wants etc... I've tried to teach them to wait until he says what he wants or tries to indicate with some kind of verbal communication other than a squeal, but alas, they just run and jump as soon as Dom indicates them to do something for him (he really has them wrapped around his little finger!!!)

I guess in the mind of an active, waited on, spoiled and pampered 19 month old, why should he open his mouth and bother talking? Everyone does what he wants already - his world runs perfectly smoothly without talking hey.... ;)

Well... I've been trying not to worry but working hard on getting him to talk more than oooh. ahh, dad, mum, bub, baa etc etc... And one sound he's refused to do so far was "t" but today as Nathan walked away from us Domenik waved and instead of saying "ahhh" he said "ta ta"!!! I was soooo excited LOL I know it's a really daggy mummy moment, but it made me so relieved just to hear those two sounds!!!

He has come a long way this last week with his sounds, he say's "beep beep" a lot... It seems t be his favourite words at the moment - it can mean, "I'm coming through" or "get out of my way" or can be a car horn... he even sings "beep beep" to songs LOL It's definitely the word of the moment for my Dommy, but to hear him say "ta ta" was great - even cuter than him going "beep beep" when being pushed around in the toy wheelie bin by Aleks this morning LOL

Yes, I know in a few short years I'll more than likely be saying "who taught him to say that word" or "why wont he every stop talking" but for now I'm happy to hear progress :) Next I'm expecting "don't touch" or "no!" LOL I'll be really happy if we can avoid speech therapy with just one child!! :)
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