Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting Things in Order...

That's been my day today. Mostly scrapping bits and pieces, but hey, it's a start :P Well to be honest the house is pretty sorted due to us just moving so doesn't need that much sorting... there's the occasional shuffle when I decide I want something in a slightly different place, but hey, just another joy of moving thing ;)

Soooo today I decided I need another tower of scrapbooking drawers or the like for my papers. that way I'll have one for tools, one for papers and one for embellishments... I was thinking I might have needed a 4th, but I can't remember why - I'm sure it'll come to me eventually LOL

I'm setting myself a scrapping challenge too - I've some gosh awful sequins that have been tossing around with my scrapping stuff the last decade or so and I'm challenging myself to use them. I don't know what I'll do but I'm determined to use some!!! No idea why, but I was thinking I should use them as I sorted them for the umpteenth time (Domenik thinks it's great fun upending them and having it rain sequins **sigh**) Soooo just something to look out for ;)

Anyhoos, I've still not set my menu plan and tomorrow is grocery day - Think I'd better get to work ;)

Until tomorrow - take care all!!!

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