Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bug has Bit!!!


The scrapbooking bug that is. I've so many photo's to fix up and put in albums I guess not knowing anyone and going out can be used as a positive in getting these photo's done :) It also allows me to unleash some of the creative energy I have itching to get out ;)

Sooooo I found a wonderful scrapbooking group called Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia and can't wait to meet some of the girls there and get moving on these photo's. Having challenges and someone who can share my passion really helps with getting things done and keeping the creative juices flowing ;)

Sooo be prepared to be inundated with crafty posts and layouts etc hehehe I love to share ;) I'll still be taking photo's and working on getting Katami Photography launched over here in Mt Gambier, but going to have some fun on the side (and possibly introduce another branch on the Katami Tree if it works out ;))
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