Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday :)

And I'm not organised!! Augh!!!!

No excuse really, I've been slack today - however lots of excitement when we checked the post office box....

Firstly - my first scrappy mail for - well.. ages!!! I got some great papers (nice and cheap too) from My2Angels (BTW if you go there and purchase say you were referred by me (Katrina Bricknell) in the commetns box ;) I can highly recommend this scrapboking store - such prompt service and a delightfully generous number of extra's in my parcel - I'm in scrapbook heaven - so much so I've already put in another order **blush** LOL

But secondly and most importantly there was another parcel there... It was a suprise Nathan organised for me... Since we've reconciled I've not had my engagement ring. The stone fell out and it was put away for safe keeping and, well... it was put in a really safe place ;) LOL So I've got my wedding ring, but not it's mate... He'd organised to get a new engagement ring for me!!! I mean there's no real way we can afford it at the moment, but he's put aside money the last few pays without me knowing to replace it for me... He can be a real sweetie at times :) I've got a photo I'll upload soon... But for now he wants to spend time together this evening :) He's not usually this romantic, but little suprises like this show me how much he cares and he wants things to work for us over here :)

OK "awwww" moment over... back to menu planning for a bit whilst he finishes what he is doing on the puter.. then he has my undivided attention for the rest of the evening :)

Oh and now I'm adding photo's I want to add one of Dommy lat night - fast asleep... he really is my gorgeous baby boy, awake or asleep he knows how to melt hearts xxxx

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