Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Pondering - oh and a Competition!!!

Alas I'm not in the position to offer a competition myself but on my journeys finding some inspiration and tips from other scrapbooking blogs I've found several that offer competitions and as I've had some comments from some of my followers who scrapbook as well I thought I'd probably start listing some as I stumble upon them :)

Soooo... Competition link for today is to Sweet About Me. She is listing a collection of Kaisercraft "Hey Birdie" stock.. It is divine!!! Lots of bright colours, birdies and trees.. gorgeous for scrapping little girl layouts or your special little bubba's as well ;) You can find out more details via her blog or the direct link to her entry is here - oh and if you happen to be her 200th blog follower she is also offering a special little something ;) I was number 184 so she's getting close to that elusive 200!!!

And yes, I've done some more pondering about looking forward etc today... to the point I've worked myself to a headache, but it was necessary. I'm not disappointed with some of the hard decisions I've had to make in the past 24-48 hours.. in face I feel confident they are the right ones. As I mentioned yesterday, weights have been lifted from off my shoulders so I know they are the right decisions. If I'm to try and build my family into a tight unit that can stand the test of time these things needed to happen, I needed to open my eyes and see things for what they are. I'm over negative influences, victim statuses and the immaturity that seems to have been around me of late... time to shrug it all off and learn to be the bigger person and move forwards - life is for living, not coasting... My new motto I think hahaha

Honestly - it's time I and those around me took stock and started to realise just how much they really do have (and have to look forward to), not dwell on what they have lost or don't have... the past is the past - that is why we put it behind us... Looking forward to the future, head held high is where I want to be and will be!!!

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