Friday, March 12, 2010

Life's Lessons...

You should know by now that one of my "motto's" is that things don't always happen to you for you to learn something by or get answers for - sometimes the lesson or answer is for someone else... Well I'm pretty certain that the happenings of this last week are not lessons for me.

Sure it's been heartbreaking to think someone could hate me so much to deliberately go out of their way to try and get me imprisoned (his ultimate wish apparently) but if there's some good to come of it then I can cope with it all a little better.

The good I can hear you ask - is that my best friend is now certain she is right in her decision to end her marriage and become a single mum to 4 children and leave her scumbag, abusive, lying, despicable and low life husband in her wake - and not feel bad about it. It's something she has been working towards but she's always had something holding her back - until now. The fact that he can be so evil to do what he has done to myself has been the knife that severed that last little bit of cord tying her to him. It also helps me know that she is resolute and wont waver in her decisions regarding him without me here - not that I did much other than listen to her and try to be objective, but anyone who is from a background where there is manipulation would know how easy it is to sway when the objective voice disappears for a little bit.

It has totally cemented my mind that moving now is the right thing. It's going to be tough to leave all friends (haha all my friends... hmm not that many if I really think about it but even having acquantances wave and say hi in the street - I'll miss that!!) and family - I still don't know how I'm going to find the strength to walk away from them all and up the stairs to board the plane - but I have to do it - it's time to start a new chapter in my life....
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