Monday, March 1, 2010

60 days in...

to the new year that is ;) Happy first day of Autumn, and the trees and weather are starting to get into the season already!! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some of our deciduous trees were starting to have a few leaves change colour, I thought I was going nuts, but nope, they're turning more yellow and red with every day. As for the weather, after weeks of scorching summer heat the last two days have really shown a HUGE shift in weather pattern - it's already feeling like autumn with cooler nights and mornings - so much so I considered turning the heater on today!! A jumper did the job instead ;)

Today Dom and I attended our first club foot clinic. He's grown a bit since he was fitted with the ponseti brace a week and a bit ago - so much so he not only needed new boots but also a new bar!!! So he went to bed with shiny new leather white shoes :) I wonder how long they'll stay white LOL I asked about the apparent clubbing of his feet and if he had straight out metatarsus adductus. Apparently the jury is still out due to the fact his stance and gait indicates clubbing of the feet, however there is movement now in the back of his heel and in the tendons. At the very least he had a very severe case of metatarsus adductus - there was no way on earth that it was going to right itself Grr to the docs that said it would!!!

Domenik is on monthly clinic checks at the moment to see how he's progressing. If he continues to roll onto the side of his heels he may need to move into AFO's for more support - that's something to deal with in the future I guess.. same goes with possibly surgery if he continues to pull his foot around back into the boomerang shape again.

Well tomorrow is playgroup and a Loraine Lee linen party at Jess's place in the evening, Wednesday I've got 2 photo shoots in Devonport, Thursday I'll be processing all day and Friday we've an appointment to get Dommy's orthotics fitted and then off to find him some new shoes!!!! Big week ahead!!! Hopefully a nice quiet weekend though - well outside of housework.. time will tell though ;)

Ooooh have to add Domenik cut his first molar on Friday, second Saturday and bottom two molars today!!! He's almost fully fanged!!!! Hopefully the dribble express will pass us by now and leave his tops dry hahaha

Anyhoos - off to bed for this little black duck - I'm feeling totally exhausted, I'm hoping a goodnight sleep (if Dom sleeps through with no croup **fingers crossed**) will help :)
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