Friday, February 20, 2009

Oficially totally slack!!!

And still no time for a decent post, Had a horror day with Dom, he wouldn't settle and screamed and screamed this morning, only slept for 15 min intervals again - poor guy I couldn't settle or calm him :( I made a Dr appointment for him which was a waste of time - apparently children who are 4 months and over need to be supplemented with formula (wtf!!!) and I'm not experienced enough a mum with 4 kids, I was questioned about whether he is getting enough food (well he not dehydrated, is growing and has wet and dirty nappies - one even at the drs!!) whether I was burping him after feeding, was I doing this doing that - oh and how did I think of doing a urine sample (read his notes dr!!! Grrrrrr) oh so patronising!! Augh I could just scream!!! He had some nurofen about 3 hours before the Dr visit and his temp was still 37.5*C!!! apparently it's not considered a temp with this Dr until it hits 38*C!!!

Anyways he's sleeping soundly now, took a few times to get him settled, he'd fall asleep then wake as though in pain. His urine sample was clear at the moment however as the Dr did say (one bit of intelligence I guess) something could be brewing and not yet showing... so he's under monitoring, temps 3 times a day and symptoms monitored *sigh* what fun!!! Thank goodness he's seeing the surgeon this Tuesday, then we can rule out UTI's for the future!!!

Wil had a run in with Dr's today too - he fell from the flying fox in the playground and we thought he had broken his arm just above the elbow!! X-Rays show it's a sprain, but he's in considerable pain the poor mite... Nurofen and cold packs for him!!

Anyways better run, I need sleep - have been feeling quite tired of late, think everything has been building up and I need to slow it down and start taking things a bit easier - bit more realistic with the kids back at school *yay*
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