Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well the power went off halfway through tying this, back on now so can publish :D

Hmm now Dom's settled I should finish my previous entry....

Just have to remember what I was going to write LOL

Oh photo shoot - I had Jess bring her boys over and took some piccies - they turned out really good if I do say so myself!! They were very photogenic boys which helped ;) I rushed to spotlight to get some black fleecy material for a backdrop - would you believe the only black fleece they had was a burnt out polar fleece with spiderwebs burnt into the fabric!!! I made it work by doubling it over but not impressed with them grrr Will need to get some more at a later date. I also need to get some white at some stage as well - preferably some stage soon ;)

~ Jackson ~

~ Charlie ~

Some piccies from the shoot ;)

Photo opportunities - Well I put a comment on my facebook page saying I need to find me some new models etc, and I had people contacting me to photograph them and their kids!! I'm blown away!! I've even got the opportunity to photograph a wedding!!!! Augh it's all happening that's for sure!! Just hope I can do a good job and hopefully start getting the confidence in myself to maybe ask for sitting fees etc... At the moment that's just a pipe dream - one day soon though it will be nice :)

Well dinner tonight is just savs in bread I think - I had the suspected skin cancer thingy cut out of my hand yesterday and cooking is left up to Nathan as I can't do much at all with my right hand (of all the hands to have minor surgery on!!) so trying to get things that are relatively cheep, cheerful and fuss free so he can cope. My hand isn't too sore usually, however it has given me grief from time to time, especially when feeding Dom, he wants to push against my hand which really does hurt :( I've ended up with a couple of stitches and several steri-strips and more than likely a decent scar, nothing I didn't really expect so all's good :) I have to get it dressed by the nurses every second day and stitches out in 10 days.

Well today I've been re-arranging things in the bedroom here. I've moved Dom's change table and preparing to re-assemble his cot. He's gradually growing out of his cradle :( It's only going to be for a few weeks as our lease is about 6-8 weeks away from expiring. We have to be out by April 12 at the very latest. I'll be asking the real estate this Friday when they come for the regulatory inspection what will the process be - the main reason I'm asking is that there are a couple of houses for rent on their website that would suit us down to the ground and I would dearly love to move ASAP to get the kids settled into school and the new house in one fell swoop - I also need to know if I need to save for another lot of bond or if they will transfer it from one property to the next - hoping the latter!!

Anyways must get the brats some dinner, they've meant to have been cleaning their bedrooms all day, needless to say not all that much has been done *sigh* my kids and work just don;t seem to mix!!!

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