Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Scared...

OK, I admit it, I'm scared, no make that terrified to start Dom on solids. He's starting to show signs he's ready and wanting, but he's recently had a borderline anaphylactic reaction (facial swelling, welts, diarrhoea and minor closing of airways - enough to cause cough) to peanuts via breastmilk and I'm terrified of starting the allergy journey again.

I've done the whole elimination thingy to death and was just breathing a sigh of relief after William started being able to eat more "normally" and it terrifies me that Dom is going to be as bad as his brother (who had multiple food protein intolerances as well as multiple allergies and anaphylaxis)

Dom is no where near as bad as his brother with intolerances etc, but *sigh* I'm just so scared of what is ahead... I'm waiting to have allergy testing done for Dom. waiting, waiting, waiting...... But then I'm afraid of the results on that too - I sound like a huge whimp!! LOL

Just beating myself up after going 4 months with no sign of an allergy, not even a rash then one drumstick with a couple of peanut granules on top and he ended up in hospital with his poor face all swollen :( Wil never reacted that quickly - I guess that is where my fear comes from....

I know I've done this weaning thing before, but with Dom it just seems different, we knew we had issues with Wil from day one with his constant rashes etc, but the severity of his reaction via breastmilk was a fraction of Dom's - I guess it's the severity of his reaction that has scared me....

I know what foods to start, to hold off and get a close to 6 months as possible I know all that in my head, but my heart is screaming that it's not fair and that my baby shouldn't have to go through this. Knowing what we went through before and how hard the struggle was..

It really sucks that our kids have such a wonderful world to live in but their lives will be restricted for such a long time whist their allergies are being investigated and discovered... We couldn't leave the house it seemed with William due to his airborne anaphylaxis - I hope and pray things don't get that bad with Dom - life cant be that cruel can it?!??!
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