Sunday, February 8, 2009

Country of Great Diversity

I haven't forgotten the list I made to add to this blog but need to get this out because It';s been playing on my mind over the last 24 hours....

This great country I live in is astounding. It is so beautiful, tranquil, cruel, hard, cold, hot , dry and wet all at once!! Is there any other place on this little planet with such diversity?!?!

Right at this moment we have raging bushfires in Victoria which has so far claimed at least 65 lives - including those of innocent children. Then in Queensland there are devastating floods!! towns such as Innesfail have have some reprieve from the flooding for one day and the levels lowered only to have more rain and the floods are back. There have been deaths up there as well, the latest suspected is a 5 year old child who went missing and a crocodile was spotted in close proximity - how devastating can this country be!!?!

Here I sit in my nicely air conditioned home, up on a hill overlooking a stunning ocean view, sipping my cool filtered water and so many people are suffering. I am so blessed to be living in Tasmania at this point in time. I'd hate to be having to make some of the decisions so many hundreds of families are being forced to make at this very moment.... and yes, I feel kind of guilty about sitting here not being able to do anything, not that i could do anything to change what is happening, but *sigh* I am soooo lucky and blessed that I have learn not to take it for granted!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is effected b y the current natural disasters this country is experiencing at the moment.

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