Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super Quick Update

I'm sooo tired but want to add this before I forget to log in (as per my usual style)

Dom's paed appointment went well. At the moment all is as well as to be expected if not a bit better than expected. The elecon may have done a bit of a job - but not enough to avoid surgery from the looks of things - so we're to turn up at the Royal in Feb, Dom definitely has something funky happening with his eyes. They are not working together all the time and needs to be looked into - it may not require surgery (yay!) ummmmm... what else..... The rattly sound is the immature trachea - not reflux! The paed re-confirmed that the minute he develops a cough or croup type illness he's to be on the GP's doorstep to commence steroids to stop any airway obstructions (she did use a more technical term but for the life of me i can't remember it) and one last thing was that reflux is OK for now on the higher dose of zantac but to not be afraid to make another appointment if needing to have dose re-calculated... she said not to worry about making an appointment if we want to discuss anything at all :) otherwise we will be back in March.. that reminds me I need to re-schedule the appointment - at the moment we're meant to be seeing her whilst we're also in WA. could be a bit difficult :P

Okies sleep is winning over- I might have the energy to run spell check first.....
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