Sunday, December 28, 2008

What day is this??

Seems to be what I keep asking myself today. With Christmas and subsequent public holidays it's really thrown my body clock way out!! Anyways I really do know it's Sunday - but it just feels so weird....

Right now I'm sitting on a messy MESSY bed watching Dom hoping that he'll settle himself to sleep. The last few days he's been really good in self settling - so much so I'm considering putting his cot up and transferring him - he ain't a little boy any more and he seems to want room and to watch and talk to his toys in bed a little more.

Oooh his eyes are drooping :)

I'm not doing much this arvo. We had friends come over for a BBQ lunch which quickly changed to pizza when it started raining. Lee is almost ready to pop and I can't wait to see if she has a little blue or pink bundle!!! It will be good having another new baby to grow up with Dom and another mum to share things with - I've never had that before. Mind you it kinda hurt when friends 'warned' her about me as I've had practice raising kids before - was put another way... but It kinda makes me frustrated when people assume that because I've had 3 other kids that I'm confident and know what I'm doing - because I'm not I have had to re-learn everything all over again, yes It probably wasn't the HUGE learning curve it was when the others were born with Dom because I knew what I was in for but each baby is different and each time the new mum has to adjust and learn.... I wish things were as simple and easy as it apparently looks - another thing I just seem to 'fake it till I make it' and try not to let people see the real struggle within - wonder what these same people would say if they knew the battle with depression etc I've had throughout the older kids infanthood..... nup, not easy at all. but we made it through and I try to smile as much as possible and try to make my life happy... I do love being a mum :) But no, it's no picnic either...

He's nearly asleep... breathing has slowed :)

Anyways I should go get some housework happening. I'm still fighting the ant infestation that this house seems to have. I've been bleaching all the kitchen surfaces today in an attempt to dissuade them from entering - still no good. Might have to try a DIY extermination kit next.. they really are driving me nuts. I feel sooo dirty (our house is in no ways a show home, but it is usually tidy - especially the kitchen surfaces) with them crawling in and around everything ewwwww...

Eyes are closed - Wahoo!!!!!!

Okies, off now :) Baby Gazing duties are done - for now :)

Oh, Oh, Oh have to add soooooo excited for my friend Karina who had a little girl at 33 weeks who has been very ill and tiny - she's cracked the 1kg weight mark and we're sooooooo excited for her (she was 735g at birth) Happydance and huge smiles for Baby Sarah :)

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