Friday, December 19, 2008

I Survived!!!

Yep made it through the whole first day of school holidays - relatively unscathed too :P We started the day walking to Dom's CHN appointment. I was able to use the threat of not letting them get a library card today for good behaviour - not sure if that bribe would work on teenagers - will have to remind them when they're older how much a visit to he library meant to them hehehe.

Dom is officially 6.18kg (13.5lb!!) 60 cm long (he was a bit crumpled when being measured think we missed a CM or two) and a head circumference of 41.5cm - basically he's a bit bigger than the average 11 week old boy but doing beautifully - and such an adorable tot he was today dressed in his little red Christmas Tshirt with white shag nappy and Santa socks :) Burnie ha a reading program for babies and Dom received his library bag and brown bear book today - also a fire kit that came with a tshirt for him so he scored really well from the nurse... So that's his last scheduled medical check for 2009!!! this year has just flown by!!!!

We trundled off to the library - each child now sports their own library card much to their delight!! I'm hoping to make every Friday library day - something for everyone to look forward to - it's amazing how calming the library atmosphere seemed o be on the kids - they loved it!!! William wanted to borrow some Christmas cooking books o get some more recipes - he was so excite to have found it!! We also signed all three up to the summer of reading program. They each set themselves a challenge to read a certain number of minutes a day for 5 days per week for the rest of summer. If they meet their challenge they get little surprise lucky dip prizes from the library :) they're so excited - I wonder how long it will last hehehe.

Shopping was MADNESS today - people everywhere!! and talk about rude!!! cutting between me and the kids, pushing, shoving - OMG this is either the worst year for it thanks to big Kev's spending spree bringing so many more out or I'm becoming very sensitive to crowds - thinking it has to be the extra $$ in peoples pockets I'm sure.... We managed and coped with no major meltdowns from Aleks which was a great relief. I do get very tense in crowds with the kids because I know what can happen but he's really getting a lot better in crowds and with strangers *yaay*

I'm about to start work on some 'sand art brownies' to see if the jar at Chickenfeed is the right size - here's hoping!!! I'm also thinking I should bake some just to make sure they're suitable - that's logical isn't it mwahahaha.. such a sweet tooth at the moment it's baaaad!!!

Well tis getting darker and I should be shutting curtains an turning on some lights so i can see what I'm doing... better get moving (and baking :))
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