Sunday, December 7, 2008

18 sleeps.....

Until the big man in the red suits touches down on everyone's roofs for another year :) ooh I love Christmas!!!! This year our tree was completed a little late though *blush* I had it all assembled on the traditional day of Dec 1st, however it's currently in the process of being decorated today - I've had a rough few days with Dom and just hadn't had the energy or inclination to make myself dizzy circling a tree made out of plastic to make it flash and winkle - Had a 'bah humbug' kinda week :P

Our biggest concern of the week was Domenik. He had his immunisations on Wed - Dr screwed up the appointment *roll eyes* Dom had his 6-8 week check (apparently it was late considering he was 8 weeks.. hmmm why is it called a 6-8 week check is 8 weeks old is too old to have it?!?!) and when I asked the Dr about his jabs he said that they had not been booked in correctly and he needed to have another appointment for them!!! As it was we already had a double appoinment booked as I told the receptionist that he needed both the jabs and his check.. Anyways he didn't do them so I went to speak to the receptionist to book yet another double appointment - she said that he should have done them and immunisation appointments are booked exactly like any oher apointment *sigh* She booked him in to another Dr so we spent the day in town , our older kids into after school care and trundled off for theshots at 2.15pm (first appointment was for 10am!!)

Dom was great for his shots :) He was starting to nod off to sleep when we were called into the Dr, he prepared the doses (they're so different now than 7 years ago!!!) Oral dose first - I expected them to be spat back in the Dr's face - but nope.. apparently it must taste ok ;) That one was for rotovirus (gastro) then came theouchies, one in each thigh Dom did really well though.. he cried for all of 10 seconds in total then went straight back to sleep :)

The real fun came later that arvo when he started spiking temps and getting sweats.. I kept him dosed opn panadol to help ease the effects and temps. He was restless until sleep finally came around 10.30pm Luckily he slept his full 6-8 hours and woke reasonably happy. I noticed if I missed a panadol dose he became very upset and hot - so kept it up.. later during the day (this is Thursday) I noticed he started coughing - not too bad, but every now and then he's start..... I just thought it was all side effects from the shots. Apparently not I found out the next morning at our CHN visit. He still had the funny cough andour nurse showed concern over it - especially as he was still spiking temps. His strido had also got a bit worse. Anyways she said if he got any worse tor if it was still there the next morning to get him to the Dr.

Later Friday evening he became really unsettled so I took him of to the GP. His stridor was evident most of the time, his chest was rattling and he was sounding really snuffy - but not in his nose, almost like a constant fluid at the back of his throat/dose area. The GP seemed really concerned She was looking at admitting Dom to hospital overnight for monitoring due to the deterioration of his airways and the diagnosis when he visited the paed of an immature trachea. She rang and got hold of the senior paed on the phone who said that monitoring at home would be sufficient. He also said that no babies aren't given panadol unless their temps are over 38.5*C!! totally diferent to what I've always been told!!! Apparently panadol is only there to stop seizures, not make the baby more comfortable etc.. not something I'm that happy with TBH - my opinion which is totally not medically endorsed now is that if we as adults would take panadol if we had a temp above 37* and were feeling miserable etc why should we expect our little babies go through a similar thing with no panadol to ease the effects... Such a hard thing for me to swallow that we aren't to make our bubbas as comfortable as possible.....

So at this stage we have no idea why Dom has these symtoms - oh the other thing was that he had an all over body rash that appeared Thrusday - Dr unable to pinpoint what it was. Anyways no diagnosis, just to watch him and if he worsens to take him to the hospital or GP if they were open. So far *touch wood* all is still the same-ish. Dom's cough is becoming more frequent, however his temp seems to have stabalised to low 37*C and the rattle and snuffies have settled somewhat. He is still snoring and seems to struggle a bit when he sleeps but there's no sign of cyanosis which is great - and as per usual he's on the apnoea monitor when he's sleeping which is a great source of comfort.

Anyways speaking of the devil he's awoken and will be demanding a feed no doubt. So much more to update here. Will do so hopefully if I get a free minute tonight :) OOh have worked out how to post photo's too - will start adding some ;)
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