Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spoilt Little Old Me :)

Well again it seems to have been some time between posting here - there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to stop and take tock of things, let alone get the opportunity to blog it all!!!
I feel sooo old!! but enough of that, I had a good friend lecture me (in a good way) that I need to take more time out for myself and learn to spoil myself. Twas a hard thing to lsiten to but for once something sunk in LOL Soooooo After much deliberation (and pushing myself due to Nahan buying himself an IPhone and leaving me out in the cold :P) I decided that she was right - I needed to spoil myself!!!

Soooooooooooo........ what to spoil myself with.. that was the next thing. I thought back and tried to think about waht made me happy and feel at one with the world - It dawned on me that what I really loved is photography. I've half completed my diploma of photography (Kahli's arrival kinda interrupted its completion) but my camera equiptment is severely out of date (10 year old Pentax MZ50 and point and shoot Kodak digi camera). So my choice of things is money wa no option was to buy a new digital SLR camera. Basically I LOVE the control a SLR provides and the instant reward of being digital is beyond belief (plus I don't have access to a darkrom anymore to develop my own film or prints). unfortunately like most things and times in my life money just has to come into the pictue. One of these great cameras in a decent brand (canon or nikon) with a decent set up is heading towards the $1000 mark.... now not sure about anyone else but $1000 is not just sitting in my bank account twiddling it's thumbs... Yes we have savings but they were to upgrade our little mazda hachback to a 7 seater vehicle (kinda important with a family of 6!!!)

to cut a looong story short (I am prone to waffle when I get the opportunity) Our loverly Prime Minister Mr Rudd made provision to inject some capitol stimulus into the economy in the form of bonus payments to Aussie carers, parents, pensioners etc etc... We qualified for said payment which has since found it's way into (and now back out of ) my bank account. This payment has allowed us to purchase a vehicle that will get us out of our immediate transport bind (brought a white mitsubishi nimbus - it's not exactly what we had planned to buy but will get us from a-b and is cheap to run and has enough room for us all to at least sit - if not so much for luggage/stuff) and I had enough left over after settling Christmas to splurge a little on myself....

Hence the reason for this long peice of drivel which is really just written to remind myself that I didn't come to the decision to spend $1100 on a digital SLR camera too quickly (trying to fend off mummy guilt) Yes I brought my new baby!! It's a Nikon D60 with a twin lens kit that has vibration reduction (great asset!!) So far I've been lazy and just whipped through the quick set up guide to get snappin - but it's beautiful to work with!! the images are jsut soooo crisp!! I'm in love LOL The 200mm lens will be great if we have dolphons come to visit again :) and I can't wait to get started on some more still life and portraiture.

I'm actually starting to think it would be great to finish my diploma and take up photography as a career - foret any notion in my head that I have the concentration to complete a medical degree (mummy brain has a lot to answer for LOL) and do something that I absolutely adore... They do say the best careers for people is doing something that they love... I just ahve to wonder though exactly how feasible it is to become a photographer in this restricted community that we live in - I mean we could move ... but....

Guess it's something I'll have to nut out over the next few months whilst I'm on maternity leave and weigh everything up.... Leaving work will be soooo hard... wonder if they allow you to complete an art diploma part time as I'll be returning to work part time.... decisions decisions.....
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