Thursday, January 15, 2009

hot, hot, HOT!!!

I'm sitting on the bed right now trying to fight the urge to curl up and go back to sleep I have 2 boys suitcases to pack for sleepovers at grandparents and a house to clean and tidy for a book party this Sat - oh and also need to find costume stuff for dressing the kids (at the very least) for a 60's/70's and 80's fundraiser for Sat evening - busy busy busy!!!

The heat the last couple of days has been stifling and I'm not sleeping well, well once I'm asleep all is fine, it's the act of getting to sleep!! It's just plain hot!!! Nothing like the Mainland hot, but hot enough for me LOL Anything over 22*C and I'm uncomfortable - yes a soft Taswegian here.

Dom has just re-settled. He's not liking summer either. He's snoring his little head off a right now LOL - it's sooo cute!! Hope he loses it before he gets too much bigger though, I hate soring LOL but it's ok so long as it stays cute (how hypocritical is that LOL)

Yesterday we ended up in Wynyard. There was meant to have been a break dancing workshop at the skate bowl from midday to 6pm (was told about it from a friend) We waited until 3pm to head over due to the heat and found nothing :( We're not sure what happened but there were only skaters there when we drove past. maybe next time ;)

Today the plan is to get the boys packed ready for their sleep overs (Aleks at nannies, Wil at grandmas) and try to find some 60's gear for this fundraiser *sigh* I'm sooo tired though, would cheerfully be staying home to catch up on sleep - although I know if I stay home I'd be finding something other than sleep to do so better to go and do something productive!

ummm other things to do.... need to get a Dr appointment to check this thing on my hand. If I mention it here I might actually get around to doing it. It's only shown up since Dom was born. Mum said that nan used to have them and they're a form of overgrowth of skin - I'm kinda concerned it's a skin cancer thingy but too scared to get it checked - does that sound ridiculous or what?!!? Must get me an appointment!!! Will try to get it done today - I also need to call open uni today to enroll for a photography interpretation module I can do via internet. I'll be using it to see if I can get myself back into study - even then I doubt I'll be heading back to tafe/uni. I can only do photography at Uni now in Hobart and Tafe is only full time and that's at Devonport - both options really mean moving, not sure I an do that right now. We'll see what happens when April comes (and our lease has expired) - see what houses are available then;)

I've been having some serious concerns about going back to work too - think it's just me being overprotective of the kids. I'm starting to feel really sick in the stomach thinking about putting Dom in childcare to return to work. I know it's not a biggie in the scheme of things People need to work - hell I need to work - even if only for the $$ I'm just starting to second guess myself and wish there was a way around me having to go back.... I dislike the thought of other people raising my baby :'( I have to return at least 3 days a week - it's a great place to work and they're quite accommodating, I just have to get over this feeling and bring myself back to reality.

Okies, boys are awake (or at least one, they've turned the TV on in the loungeroom) so time to go pack their cases!!!
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