Friday, January 23, 2009

4 Months Old Already!!!

Where did the time go??? Little Dom is already 4 months old!!! It seems like yesterday that we brought him home... shoot I knew it would move on fast, but this fast is ridiculous!!! He had his shots today, I'm hoping he will settle over night and not have as many side effects as his last lot **fingers crossed**

What has Dom achieved over the last 4 months.. a lot!! He is sitting pretty much by himself now, he pulls himself to standing on our fingers and loves to bounce on his chubby legs. He has rolled from tummy to back - once ;) and commando crawls. Dom loves to peep at me from his cradle of a morning when he wakes, he loves to chat - oh my goodness can he chat!! Bricknell genes there :P He loves watching TV - but hasn't become fascinated with mirrors just yet. He has grown 14 cm - and put on oodles of weight. He's a proud 64cm long and 7010g - my big baby boy :)

I love watching Domenik grow, but he days are blending into each other and they are passing so fast!! I hope I can remember what this time was like!! As much as it feels he was only a newborn yesterday my memory is starting to fade of the newborn period with him... he has become an infant and all the hard newborn days are fading - something I didn't want to happen, but how do you stop it??

So my beautiful baby boy, Happy 4 months - thank you for being such a precious little thing, or your placidness and your personality, and your slobbery kisses and loving touches.... even with the hard days it's a pleasure to be your mummy!!!


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