Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trundling Along....

Well it's been a few days since I posted so feeling a bit guilty - soo here I am LOL

Not sure there will be anything intelligent mentioned here as my brain is still addled from lack of sleep but at least I can try eh ;)

Weeellllll.. what's been happening... hmm not much LOL...

William is improving health wise. He's been running about and rough playing with Aleks again so looks like everything is looking up (no surgery yayy!!) We took the boys to Romaine park yesterday for dinner and they were running around and larking it up in the playground equipment so yeah, I think he's OK ;)

Dom as usual is a little pleasure. He has had a couple of rough mornings, think it's mostly wind... but he'll feed then be quite upset and in pain for a good 30mins to an hour. If it continues I might have to put him back on Zantac - really want to avoid this though!! He's started commando crawling - at 3.5 months!!! He can spin himself around to face the opposite direction and move around a meter forwards until he tires!!! Augh he's growing sooooo quickly!! It wont be long until he's properly crawling, he's already up on his hands and knees rocking!!!

Umm what else to report.. not much. Me I'm trying to catch up on sleep, get costumes ready for everyone for the fundraiser we're attending this Sat (after my book party) that has a 60's/70's and 80's theme (I hate dressing up!! LOL) and of course trying to get the house spotless by Sat for my book party - all around entertaining 2 bored boys during the school holidays - fun - NOT!!

Anyhoos, better get back to trying to catch up on the sleep business. And I will try to log on and update more regularly - it's a matter of time and prioritising ;)

BTW I've started a recipe blog - jsut need to start adding to it :) Link on my sidebar ;)
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