Thursday, January 1, 2009

First of the First Two Thousand and NINE!!!!

Wow - it's 2009 and the year is off to a shaky start already... Well for the middle kids at least. Kahli and William got caught stealing from the treat stash again *sigh*. I've no idea what to do to stop them or dissuade them in any way. I know it's probably a phase but I don't like it (insert foot stamp and sulky pout) I want my good kids back!! well not as naughty kids I'll put it that way LOL

Nathan was home and he handled them as I'm still not 100% and more than likely to hit the roof with them. They are choosing their own punishment (Brady style LOL) and losing a toy of my choice once I've had enough sleep to not be too nasty LOL. Thinking Wil can lose his remote car for a week and Kahli her Bindees. They are their favourite Christmas toys so will be two fold punishment - make them play with something else and teach them that thy can have things taken off them too - oh they will also lose this weeks cooking privileges (ooh I am being mean there bu hey, get caught and then lie they have to learn!!!)

As mentioned earlier I'm still a bit under the weather. My throat is still sore and I'm easily tired and get giddy. Hoping that I'll be better tomorrow and can avoid antibiotics.. time will tell, at least the conjunctivitis is cleared up *yay*

Oh we didn't get to the new years carnival in the end :( Besides Kahli and Wil being light fingered we have a legit reason - the weather. One minute it was sunny the next pouring with rain. There was no way I could have happily taken the kids out in that - especially Dom.. and then me not being well, getting wet and cold would not have been good... Instead we promised the kids a trip to Devonport, but that didn't eventuate either once we found out how Kahli an Wil had been 'treating' themselves... tomorrow maybe, I want to also stop off at the strawberry farm in Turners Beach on the way to pick some raspberries (yummiest berries out!!)

Domenik is trying to roll. He hasn't quite got the knack of pulling his arm under his body out of the way yet... as soon as he works that out though he'll be mobile Augh!!! scary thought!!! He had a few really cute moments today with Nathan - it's really good to see the way Nathan is interacting with him and the other kids now. Not as offhandish as he used to be :) He actually admits that Dom can be cute and doesn't go all embarrassed about showing emotion anymore!! yaayy!!! :P Something that he never did before, maybe he's starting to mellow in his old age LOL

I've been looking into completing my diploma in photography. It looks like he course has not only changed name but structure on the past 9 years so not sure if I could just pick up where I left off. It looks like it could be a move to Launceston to complete what I really want to do at uni - such a BIG decision as it would also mean having to quit work - something I'm not ready to decide at the moment. I can do one intro part of it via open university so I might look at doing that module and seeing if I can hack study etc again.... rather than making a drastic decision with drastic changes for not only me but everyone else..... biiiig things to think about!!!

Umm not sure if there's much else to ramble on with, I'm feeling really tired again so might grab a little more sleep and hopefully be full of energy and health tomorrow ;)
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