Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was asked where do I find the time to do everything. Well to be honest I simply don't. Things get left here and there and I'm always running behind and trying to catch up on things (especially housework) but then I hear that so often from other mums that it must be quite normal.

How do I find time for photography - Again I don't, I just have my camera ready most times and take it everywhere! I'm just lucky to be able to get some good shots here and there and have some great processing programs. And I only process once the kids are tucked in bed and fast asleep - if they don't sleep then everything else just has to wait!!

I've no idea how I'm going to find time to do this uni module that I've enrolled in! Guess it's just another thing to squeeze in, but if I'm ever going to work out if I can handle Uni this is the best time I guess - before I make that hard decision to return to work ;) At least we know we can survive financially if I don;t return to work - it's tight, but just manageable at the moment. Mind you if we needed to find money for a big item like fridge, car etc we'd have no hope in hell, but to make it through day by day we'll manage... I'm contemplating doing the bachelor of fine arts via Open Uni if I get this first one completed successfully - Not the course I really want, but it's an art one and I get to explore a lot of things that will help with my photography - and if I do get the chance to study photography at Uni I'll have completed a lot of the complimentary subjects that are compulsory so will be able to spend more time behind the lens :)

Speaking of time, Dom is demanding more of mine at the moment - he's tired and I haven't the heart to try to control cry him to sleep right now - especially with this heat, so will put my precious little one to sleep and will see if I can organise the older boys to let me have some more - TIME....
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