Monday, January 12, 2009

Pure and Utter Exhaustion!!!

That's what I'm feeling right now. Longs story is probably too long to reiterate here, but basically William's been complaining of tummy pains the last 4 or so days which I've been ignoring as it usually appears when he's been asked to do a chore or he has to do something he doesn't want to do. Well Friday night mum had both Wil and Kahli. William ended up spiking a temp and complaining even louder about his tummy. He was apparently waking during the night moaning and groaning.

~ Sleeping at Nanny's ~

On Sat I went over early to pick him up (Aleks was already at his grandmas and Kahli was going to spend a few nights there so only Wil was at Devonport) He seemed OK but slept all the afternoon away I was going to take him to the Dr a soon as I got there but when he was perky and chasing Cola (the cat) and Byndi (the dog) around I thought there was nothing to worry about.

When we got back home it was around 9pm as we stayed at mums for dinner (free feed!!) we went straight to Evening drop in Dr clinic - just to be on the safe side as his temp was 38.3*C un-medicated. The Dr there was lovely but worried as she could not find any reason for his temp to be so high and coupled with the tummy pain it looked suspiciously like he could have appendicitis. SOooooooo at 10.10pm we trundled off to the hospital *yawn*

We ended up getting the sonographer out of bed at midnight for a ultrasound to check his appendix, she found logts of enlarged lymph nodes but no sign of appendix which is good- blood tests were apparently inconculsive so he was admitted at 2.30am *yawn* and moved to childrens ward at 3am *another yawn* Much to Williams disgust he was placed on a drip - he thought it was ingenious that he didn't need to eat or drink that the little tube in his hand did it all!!

It to 2 goes to get the cannula into the vein which he most definitely did not enjoy!! Even once it was in Wil kept bumping it and complaining - nice to see he is a typical male ROFL

This morning he only had minimal abdo discomfort so had a food trial at lunch At first it looked a though it had upset his tummy more, but that soon eased with a few puffs of noxious gas from Wil and a trip to the loo ;) He was discharged at 3pm... Right now he's snuggled up next to Aleks in Aleks' bed He does that when he wants re-assurance from someone else :) as much as they fight etc they truly do love each other *awwww*

So now - I'm shattered, exhausted - totally stuffed. I soooo need sleep, but as much as my brain is addled it is still ticking over (could be the caffeine I've been drinking to stay awake today LOL

Okies, going to try and grab me some sleep and come back tomorrow to make sense of this post. I've got some piccies to upload of him in hospy as well. Lucky for Wil I had the camera in the car and wasn't going to leave it there so had to bring it to the ER - meaning some shots of him in hospy :)

Will be back - that's a promise!!!
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