Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh What A Day!!!

In more ways than one!!!

We're in the middle of a heat wave - I know a heat wave in Tassie is nothing like that being experiences in Victoria and South Australia at the moment, but anything above 25C is HOT to us - and it's been that for the last couple of days - even now to walk outside at almost 11pm the heat really hits you!!! It's a good excuse to not do much housework though :P

Dom hasn't or isn;t coping well with the increased temperature. He's struggled to sleep during the morning, instead having a hour or two block of sleep in the afternoon then napping on and off the rest of the day. Poor little mite is soo tired, but he just can't stay asleep - even when stripped off, not sure what else to try. I don't want to put a fan directly on him as I'm concerned he will end up cold... augh - I'm no summer girl that's for sure!!!

Yesterday evening we went to the Bluff in Devonport to have a BBQ and let the kids have a swim with some new old friends.. new because we've really just got together, old as apparently we met years ago (but I can't remember and feel really bad for that!!) It was a glorious evening, not a breath of wind and sunset to die for!!! The kids got on really well - except Kahli decided it was time to throw one of her moody episodes - oh and Nathan thought it would be funny to egg her on - Men!!! It's so hard being a pre-teen girl... soo many new emotions and feelings happening - it's confusing.. I can remember feeling very similar to what she is - because she is acting out the things I felt like acting out (but I'm pretty certain I, as per usual, bottled it all up).

i was able to snap some lovely sunset images, and some decent ones of all the kids - but I'm a bit disappointed about the damage my 50mm lens received at the rodeo when the motor bikes sprayed dirt everywhere - it's not appearing as crisp as it was. Think it needs a quick trip to the Dr's for a medical ;) have to find out what said 'medical' will cost first!!!

Back to today - well it was a terrible day news wise. Of course the heatwave has dominated news reports - it did after all reach 45C+ in Victoria today!! But that state was also again in the news as a pig of a man who is meant to be a father threw his darling 4 year old daughter off a bridge in the city She fell 53 or so meters to the river... I feel so sick to the stomach and distressed to think of what she must have been through. To KNOW that a man that she would have loved and trusted to do something like that to her - i mean even if he was the worst father in the world, he was all she knew as a father and being a typical 4 year old would simply love him as her father.... The poor darling lost her fight for life around 1.20pm this afternoon, she fought for 4 hours to stay on earth.... Her poor mother - I've no idea how the family must be coping - let alone her two brothers who were in the vehicle when her father stopped the car to do this evil thing to her - what they must have been thinking - what they must have been seeing!!! OM - makes me sick... just needed to get this out of my system, I feel so shattered for her poor innocent life... May she be resting in peace and in such a happier place - xxx

Ok - good news.. Baby Sarah is doing wonderfully well!!! She is almost 2kg now!! I can't wait to get to Melbourne in March to meed this little marvel - she's such a miracle!!! She should have her next surgery sometime in the next 5 days which will be a relief to all - and best of all she's starting full bottle feeds!!! Yaay!! I'm sooooo thrilled for Kat and Mick, they've been through so much not only with her but their other children that they need some good news like this - it seems everything is happening all of a sudden, there seems to be good news and developments every time we touch base :) but **happy dance** for them all :)

Okies, I really need to get back to my photo for the daily challenge. I've been slack today, well Dom has taken a lot of my time up so not slack in that sense, but slack with the camera - how double dutch is that LOL. Situation made worse by me not charging my camera batteries - not my main and the spare are both flat *doh* one day I'll learn!!!
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