Thursday, January 8, 2009


What an emotional last 24 hours I/We've had. After finding out the sad news about my friends baby we settled for the night, feeling flat and emotional.

Then after Dom's late feed I went to tuck the kids in - my usual nightly ritual and when I went to the boys room I noticed Junior (the family's pet rat who has adopted William) was scratching around looking for food. SO I went to check her only to find Williams rat Angel (who was a present from his nanny and poppy for his birthday last year) had passed away. William was stirring so I woke him and explained what had happened - the poor guy's heart was broken. He loved his Angel.... After a hug and chat he settled for the night... By morning he was I guess numb. Around lunch time it hit him what had happened. the poor kid had a mini meltdown, even started calling himself a murderer as the rats had no water - he'd forgotten to replace it in the cage when he cleaned it the day before. It took a lot to calm him down... We don't know if it was the lack of water that killed Angel - simply because Junior was still OK. Angel has been showing signs of illness for a few days so it's anyone's guess.

~ Angel At Rest ~

William chose a spot to lay Angel at rest and we held a mini funeral for her. He found a rock to place on her grave and some beautiful roses (that quickly wilted in the sun) and decorated her grave. He really misses his first real pet...

Later in the afternoon we took William to the warehouse traders in Somerset where he picked out a new rat for himself Poor old Junior was fretting not having her mum with her :( The new rat is Snowball.. a light toffee coloured beastie an William is in love already :)


Mid morning and we got a phone call from Nathan's parents asking if they could drop in for a visit. They arrived about 15 mins later - I was still in bed feeding Dom!! Anyways they ended staying for lunch, had an impromptu BBQ :) Loooove BBQ's :) They also offered to take one of the kids at a time for a sleep over - Aleks went with them overnight and Nathan will bring him back home on Saturday after cricket.

Today Dom has been rather unsettled again. I've no idea what's happening on his unsettled days, but I just have to ride it out. These kind of days make me so frustrated and tired I start to get rather down... oh well, must get over it ;) Right now he's still not asleep which is most unusual for him - he's laying in his cradle watching me through the bars - he is a cheeky little imp like that, any minute he's start to grizzle and I'll re-position the dummy and have another 5 minutes sleep - he'll continue like that until he really tires himself out and goes to sleep. Mind you if I picked him up he'll be asleep straight away - but he really has to learn to either not wake up when I put him down and/or put himself back to sleep.... I'm such a meanie :P

~ Happy Dom ~

Anyways about to sign off. Have to mention that Kahli had her turn in cooking or helping prepare dinner tonight. We made pizza. She had a great time making the dough LOL They looked great - but soooo much pizza!!! Enough for breakfast :D

~ Dough Making ~

~ Sticky Fingers ~

~ Pressing Out the Dough ~

~ Making Pizza Sauce ~

~ Saucy Pizza ~

~ Topped and ready to Sizzle ~

~ Yum! ~

bed's calling, I think Dom's about to nod of for the night, his eyelids are starting to droop *yay*
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