Tuesday, January 27, 2009

De Ja Vu

I'm just back from hospital with Domenik. He has had a borderline anaphylactic reaction to peanuts though breastmilk *sob*

I feel soooooo guilty!!!

I should have known better than to try it - but we thought we were home and hosed with the allergy thing when we hit 4 months with not even a trace of eczema - so much for that pipe dream :(

Nathan brought some drumstick icecreams to enjoy this afternoon, I had one - one lousy thing with a few sprinkles of crushed nuts on it. Dom woke at 7pm and wanted a feed - but he pulled himself off after a minute or two - his face had already begun swelling!!! His poor little right eye was almost swollen shut within a few minutes and half his head was an angry red welty rash :(

I took him straight to the emergency room - knowing from previous experience with Williams allergies it's quicker to take them direct than wait for an ambo around here.... We didn't have to join the queue thank goodness and were rushed straight in. By the time we were there Dom had developed a bit of a cough as though trying to clear his airways. I'm so thankful that he finished feeding and didn't continue - I can only image how bad his reaction would have been if he continued!!!

He had a dose of phenergan (which apparently isn't the done thing in babies, but then neither is an anaphylactic reaction the done thing at 16 weeks!!!) and the swelling started going down reasonably quickly. We were at the hospital 2.5 hours and I am soooo thankful that we live so close by and that the staff didn't hesitate to treat my little boy :) I guess the family history had a lot to do with that as they hadn't seen a baby react via breastmilk before LOL I was teaching them about is LOL

So *sigh* we're back on the allergy and elimination treadmill again. Right now I have Dom tucked up in his bed. We're lucky that we have an apnoea monitor - otherwise we would most likely still be at the hospital!! I'm praying it doesn't go off tonight and things settle for him tomorrow. I know we're in for a rough one - especially in the morning - as these reactions almost always go hand in hand with a good gastro type belly and bottom the next day :(

I can't feed Dom now for the next 24 hours - thank goodness we have an emergency bank of expressed milk in the freezer for him!!! I must have known something hey - actually it was there for when he starts solids to make custards etc out of - but feeding him over the next 24 hours is more important in the meantime so I'm sure the bank will be run dry, but it can always be built up again if necessary....

What a dreadful lesson to learn though... I just can't take the risk any more. We know for certain Dom has allergies, now to get into a specialist to find out exactly to what extent and to what so we can start a plan of action for weaning time (which is just around the corner!)

I still feel guilty about letting down my guard though...
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