Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been bad....

really bad - I missed a couple of days postings!!!!

... to be honest not all that much has really happened, I've been tired and catching up on sleep. Dom has started a new growth spurt which has had him waking around 1am the last few mornings for an extra feed *yawn* it saves me expressing but it keeps me up a bit longer as it usually takes him about an hour from waking to getting back to sleep.

I guess there has been some things happening. Aleks got the first go at cooking from their cooking books they got a Christmas. He made lamb kebabs with tomato sauce and cous cous. I'm going to do up a story board of them cooking and make a scrapbook of it all - well that's the plan at least :P

~ Checking the Recipe ~

~ Shaping the Kebab onto the Sewer ~

~ Cooking the Tomato Sauce ~


I was outside snapping piccies for the photo challenge when Kahli came out to the balcony to offer her 'advice' This is one of the images I obtained o her. I thought it was quite nice with the blue sky and blueish hues on the house... Not long before I took this image the resident wallaby was spotted munching on the grass close by and it went to hide under the rose bush that would be directly underneath where Kahli is leaning - William came out and made some noise and he/she went leaping into the scrub that is our front yard. The kids love having wildlife in the yard - especially considering we live 2 blocks from the city centre!!!

~Blue Sky Kahli ~


Aleksandir had been on to me for a few days to go hep him find some worms for the worm farm he received for Christmas. I had to put him off for the first few days as I was still recuperating from the throat infection I've just had but yesterday I was well enough to have energy to venture outside... We found the sum total of 1 - that's right ONE worm!! in all the undergrowth and mulch on the floor of the garden/scrub there were no worms to be seen!! Mind you the one we did find was nice and juicy - but one!??! We'll have another search immediately after some rain to see if that brings some more to the surface ;)

~ C'mon Mr Worm ~

~ Still searching... ~

~ Carefully digging so as not to hurt any hidden creatures ~


Today I helped Lee go pram shopping. She found the cutest little pram that folds sooooo small!!! It'll be perfect for them - thought I must call her in the morning to see if it fit in her car. She's due in 10 days!! such an exciting time for her!!! I honestly can' remember life before kids - What I did with all that time I must have had on my hands I've no idea?!?!?!

Just before she arrived I was bathing Dom. I used his little green froggy towel and had to take some pics of him in it - he spent all the time chatting and giggling - sooo cute, but makes taking photos difficult LOL This is the best from the mornings impromptu photo session....

~ Little Froggy Boy ~

Okies I need sleep, Dom's been fed 30 mins ago so I should get a clear sleep to 6am - well here's hoping!!!
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