Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 in 1

Ackk lost my original text when uploading photo's!! That'll teach me for not being careful LOL

Anyways 2 in 1 today as yesterday once I'd uploaded piccies on my photo challenge page I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer due to a massive headache - all clear now thank goodness and even better my throat infection seems to be cleared as well *yay*

Yesterday and today have been home and relax as much as possible days. Even though I'm not as sore with the throat etc I still feel wiped out, some homebodies are us ;) Yesterday the boys were out in the yard playing with their remote cars - that was until a wheel fell of Williams!! It's apparently a common thing we now find out but was a bit of a downer when it happened. All fixed now with spare bolts in the cupboard for next time ;)

Aleks was the first with his car out, Williams had a bit of trouble getting going for some reason and Nathan had to be called in to get it up and running - mind you he also took the liberty of taking the first spin around the yard!!!!

~ Head Mechanic ~

~ Acting Rescue and Pit Crew ~

~ Driver No. 1 ~

~ Uh-Oh Trouble??? ~

"Nup, it's OK mum, I was just turning it off to take out on the street"

~ Poser ~

~ Aleksandir ~

~Yet Another Pose ~

William loves his Carlton clothing he scored from Santa. He insisted that I keep taking photo's of him in it - next he'll be demanding a commission from the football club and a modelling contract!!!

~ Kahli ~

Never one to be shy when there's a photo opportunity!!

~ Wheel Spin ~

Despite the rain we've had this past week Aleks' car was still stirring up dust on the dirt!!

~ William ~

I love this photo of William. Something about the colours and innocence of the photo. He had got sick of waiting to have the controls of his car handed over from Nathan and started to play with the rocks in the yard. He was banging them on top of each other hoping to break them in pieces.

The cars were eventually packed away after Wil's lost the wheel - not so much because of the breakage but because the weather which was meant to have been fine all day started to break up - got to love this weird summer we're having!!!


This morning I had my camera handy to snap Dom and the way he wakes me most mornings. I can feel someone watching me and as his cradle is right besides me guess who that someone is... here he is being his cheeky self...

~ Peeping Dom ~


Nathan and Dom have a cute little game they play together, it's been dubbed "I am a Fish" Nathan gently squeezes Dom's chubby cheeks in to make a fish face and then makes a 'Dory" type voice to say "I am a fish" It always leaves Dom in a fit of giggles and huge smiles. He loves playing 'face' games :)

~ I Am A Fish ~

~ Fish Do Not Have Ears ~

~ Giggles from Daddy at Least ~


And the photo's that I finally organised and took today of Dom's first Christmas stash. The older kids didn't want piccies :( so this is it for the post Christmas shots. I just had to dress Dom up in one of his Christmas outfits - it's only fitting for a Chrissie shot!!

~ Dom's First Christmas ~

~ The Spoils of Christmas 2008 ~


I've always loved B&W shots of babies hands and feet, but never been able to replicate them properly on film.. looks like digital does it for me though :)

~ 5 Cute Little Toes ~

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