Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cowboy Alert

Last night we wandered off to Ulverstone to take the brats to the Twilight Rodeo. Everyone loved it - Even grumpy daddy LOL I've lots of photo's to upload from it :) I can remember going to a rodeo when I was around 5 years old and standing on the back of a flat bed truck - but that's about it.. I'm hoping the kids come away with a few more memories than that LOL - at least the piccies will help :P

William and Kahli got to pat one of the safety guys horses and they all got an autographed poster from one of the bull clowns.

Lots of ooh and ahhhs as the bulls and broncs bucked their riders - the barrel girls ran so fast I couldn't get clear piccies - was a great evening for everyone - so much so we're looking forward to next years rodeo (or even the Gowrie Park one if I can get myself organised to go alter this month LOL)

This afternoon we're off to Somerset for the Aust Day celebrations - a Day early but should be great :)

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