Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Autism - In Their Own Words

This was sent to me via an email. I love it, I hope you can spare the 2 minutes it take to read this and carry it with you as you go on with your life...

*This essay “In Their Own Words” is written by Tonya Procor, a loving mother of a son with autism.*

I have autism.
I hold only a few similarities to the character in “Rain
When I am out on the playground, never say to my mother, “I would have
never guessed that;
he looks so normal”
The face of autism is not a defined

I have autism.
This does not mean I am deaf, nor does it mean I can’t

understand your words. When cruel things are said, it hurts just like it would anyone else. Sometimes even more,
as I am very sensitive.

I have autism.
I am not blind. When you stare at me, point, and whisper
– I
don’t like it.
I sometimes cannot control my emotions; however,
I still can
see you.

I have autism.
I am not spoiled, undisciplined,
or disrespectful
Don’t tell my parents I just need to be smacked, as that

would never work and I smack back!
All I know is if I am being hurt I must
defend myself.

I have autism.
This does not mean I am mentally delayed.
I am very smart.
may focus on only a few things, but I have become an expert on them.

I have autism.
Don’t think I am not capable of love or am emotionally

detached from the world around me.
I am very close to my family and
sometimes need to be hugged. I do have the capacity to care.
Especially if I
see someone else being hurt or teased.

I have autism.
I will line things up on the floor in my room in perfect

order. This may be strange, but to me it is contentment.
I can only relax if
things are in sync.

I have autism.
Which means I am supersensitive to sounds;
I hear all of
them. Even the smallest of sounds.
When I get overloaded with too many

sounds at once, It is hard to cope and
I must step away and be alone.
does not mean I can’t handle the world, I just have to have more time to tune out as I hear more than everyone.

I have autism.
I live by schedules. This is one of the ways I have
found to
cope with the chaos around me.
Knowing what is going to happen at a certain
time each day helps me prepare for transitions.
That is why it is difficult
for me to deal with a schedule change. I have to have order to obtain peace.

I have autism.
It is very important for people to mean what they say. That
is why joking with me is never understood.
Things are black and white to me,

like a set schedule. If you say you are
going to turn blue in five minutes,

I expect you to do so.

So remember, having autism does not mean I am blind, retarded, unresponsive, incapable of love,
or unable to function in the real world.
I am unique and
gifted because I have found a way to coexist within two very separate worlds.
Take a moment to think about how many of us have difficulty within
just the one world we live,
now imagine juggling two.
This is something I
have learned to do.
So forgive me if at times I have trouble
separating the
again I am only human.

I often hear people say to my mum,
“It must be so hard for you”
– no one
ever says that to me.
In fact, no one expects me to understand or respond

because of the face society has painted autism to be.
I do not know all that
autism is, but I know who I am.
I am special, and cherished.
Almost like a
superhero I was set aside to have these unique abilities. They are not a disability.
They are not something to fear. In a way they are magical. I
have unlocked parts of my brain that others cannot.

When you look at me, don’t look at me
with sadness or feel sorry for me.

Look at me with wonderment and
I will amaze you every time.

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