Thursday, June 3, 2010

Please tell me....

I'm not going out of my mind!!!

Seriously, this lat 12 hours have been weird at this place!!!

Let me set the scene - I'm sitting on the couch, watching Law and Order late last night finishing beading some butterflies for a swap on Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia. I finish, log on and tell the girls - "Finished!!" and then log into Bons Scrapping to check some new messages there - it takes oooh all of 10 minutes looking away from my tools that were placed on the seat beside me. BTW yes, I've worked a table thingy so I can now scrap and internet at my lounge - COMFORT!!! :) LOL

Anyways (ok, I've got to stop saying this, every time I do I get Ellen DeGeneres's voice in my head LOL - if you watch her show you know what I mean - especially if you watch the credits- yes I'm that pedantic at times!!!) Ok, back on track - I turn to my tools to pack them away and they're not there!!! Now let me just say kids are in bed, cats are asleep, Nathan is in the study playing WOW - NO ONE came out to the lounge room while I was online... So where the heck could my pliers be?!?!?!!

I searched everywhere for them - under the lounge, beside the cushions, on the bench, in all my scrapping drawers, under the rug etc etc etc EVERYWHERE!! They are no where to be seen!!! I ended up going to bed and sleeping on it. This morning, they still can't be found :(

Soooo I start on another swap - it's a paper pieced little frog prince modeled off one of Domeniks soft toys. I sit down, sketch him up... I go to grab my ruler I know I put safely away in my drawer - it's grown legs and ran away too!!! This can possibly be explained as my kids have a slight addiction to stationery - it's inherited from me ;) Anyways (there goes Ellen's voice again LOL) I go get my back up ruler (I think I have 6 in another drawer **blush**) come back and my pencil that I sat on my sketch book has disappeared!!! I can't believe it!! Again I search everywhere - nope no where to be seen!!!!

So I go grab another 2B pencil (only have about 5 of those in the drawer LOL) and come back to the couch. Just by chance I open my little tool bag that my pliers live in - one of the missing pliers is there!! All packed up as though it's never been used - it even had the tip cover on it!!! Now this is a bendy set of pliers - really difficult to put back in the case... I know I didn't put it there as I was still using them and would know if I struggles 15 minutes to pack it up - I know the kids and Nathan wouldn't have put them away - it's tough enough to get them to put their dirty cups in the sink, let alone putting anything away - let alone searching for and adding the tip cover!!!

So all this weird stuff is happening. I still can't find my other set of pliers - I'm hoping my friendly house spirit will return them soon as I need to do one more butterfly (one of them has uneven bits that are bugging me) And the pencil, well I hope it will be returned within my eyesight so Dommy doesn't find it and go Picasso on the walls (he hasn't started picassoing walls yet - but it will come soon enough I'm sure)

So Auuuggghhh!!! I am certain I'm not going out of my mind... am I??? I don't think so... then again I have to wonder at times LOL

Update: 11.03am Aust central time
Ack!!! The pencil just showed up on the cushion - it wasn't there 30 minutes ago!!!!
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