Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Crossed Over....

to Victoria that is!!! We actually drove over a state border!!! I know it may not seem like much to many out there in blog land, but for us Tasmanian's it is - you see, it's kinda hard to drive over a state border when you're surrounded by water ;) It's something lots of people do everyday, but in my 30 something years it's something I've never ever done - but for some weird reason wanted to!!!

Now the reassuring things for me that I didn't expect was when we were heading back to the Mount... It actually felt like we were coming home!!! It didn't feel we were driving to another town, or to a holiday destination or anything like that, it was actual relief driving into Mount Gambier and feeling that we were home!!! I didn't expect to feel this attached to the place so quickly - but then home IS where the heart is ; )

In all reality there wasn't anything keeping us in Tasmania except ideals on what we wanted. Thinking we had friends over there but when looking at the cold hard facts - if a person drives down your street but never calls in or even toots the horn hello - they aren't a friend. You pass them in the street and they don't acknowledge you're wave hello even when they look straight at you - they aren't a friend. You only get calls and messages when there's a birthday party, wedding or they want photo's - oh and they ask you to bring the camera - they aren't a friend... Oh they might all be acquaintances, but they aren't friends... I mean where would they be if something happened and we really wanted support around us - they might be there for a bit, but as soon as the novelty wore off they would go back into the woodwork and never be seen again, until they wanted something.

This is one of the reasons I've not been on facebook for soooo long!!! There are plenty of messages tehre of people wanting things. they want you to join a group so they get extra's, they want you to comment so they're page looks filled, they want this they want that... But the sudden lack of messages and posts sure tells me something - they don't want me for me. They aren't concerned that I haven't logged on for over 2 months.. they aren't concerned with my kids, they aren't concerned with how we're settling in... Quite simply they aren't friends - they are acquaintances!!!

But that's all good with me. It really is. I know the difference and I am quite happy to move on and make a life for myself and my family and if we don't have any good friends that aren't family then more fool them!! They don't know what they are missing out on!!! I have plenty to keep me busy... To be honest I don't need the drama that others have brought into my life of late. It's been rather relaxing not having that drama around - and I don't feel guilty saying that - it's time that I really took stock of what is around me and make sure that I put people in their place and keep them there - no pedestals here. You're either a friend or an acquaintance... There is a difference and I wont blur the lines anymore!!!

Wow, I really went on a tangent from driving across the state border to a lecture on friendship hahaha. It's been weighing on my mind for a while though - and now I've worked it out I find myself very happy with where I stand - onwards and upwards!!!
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