Friday, June 11, 2010

First Computer Sketch!!!

Well I've got a notebook I've been putting sketches and ideas in but I decided that today instead of simply drawing and hoping all the elements fit on the page that I would computerise one and get the measurements etc accurate to see if they would actually fit and see if the sketch was feasible!!!

I love the one I've done - I've almost finished the layout to go with it and it seems to be coming together nicely ;) I was not going to upload the sketch until I had the layout done and uploaded - mostly just in case it doesn't work out!! ROFL but I've used my woman's prerogative and changed my mind LOL - here it is!!

My first save didn't keep some of the layers so this isn't the original which I slaved over - but it's close... There's something so perfect about originals... some of the lines and shadings are slightly different here so it's not the favourite I fell in love with - but close enough ;)

Hopefully it'll come together and be finished from here quite easily now I have it all down and worked out :)

I've so many idea's - I need to get them all done and dusted before moving on to the next project though ;)
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