Sunday, June 13, 2010

Planning and errr, well Planning.....

for tomorrow!! Tomorrow is my first ever get together scrap day in Mount Gambier!!! I went to one way back just after William was born for National Scrapbooking Day 2001, and not long after that things got too hairy with the little man to even think about scrapping so it went by the wayside...

So tomorrow is a really big and exciting adventure for me!!!

I've no idea what to take - I'm afraid I'll probably end up packing too much, but then on the other hand afraid too that I wont get anything done from gossiping and having a girly day with no kids ;) I wont be too disappointed if I don;t get anything done, it will be nice to be in the company of new friends and hopefully learning a little from them too (oh and playing with all the new scrapping machines that I've heard are coming along as well ;))

So the plan tomorrow is, quick trip to the supermarket to get final ingredients and then to make a bacon and corn cob loaf dip and easy peasy vanilla slice... then pack up final pens etc etc (unless I do it all tonight... hmmm now there's a thought!!!) and leave home at 9.55am for a day of fun and friendship!!!

I wonder when my awkwardness and shyness will kick in hehe I have no doubt it will before I leave!!! LOL I'll hopefully have some piccies to upload and share tomorrow ;)
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