Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh my gosh!!!

what a couple of days I've had.. well I can't remember the majority of it...

It all started with a call to the dr suspecting the bane of a lot of women's existance that I'd so far avoided - thrush!! I was advised to try an over the counter treatment as there was no Dr appointments

Anyways.. head to the pharmacy.. get the attention of a pharmacist and get grilled over symptoms in front of other customers who were standing in line waiting to pay - got to love that their 'consulting booths' was an open table right next to the counter - total confidentiality and privacy there ROFL I walk away with said treatment being told I should see my Dr - funny that.. appointments are scarce as hens teeth - on top of the reality being that I'd be paying $65 to be told to get an over the counter remedy - oh wait, I'd just been old that over the phone - so why would I be handing money over to the dr - on top of waiting days to start treatment just to do what I'm already doign?!?!?! Oh sarcasm - thou art my friend at the moment ;) LOL

So treatment was commenced - 6 days of treatment ahead right... Not on your life!!!! within 10-15 minutes of using this chemical of death I started itching like I'd been bitten by a million mosquito's!!! So much so that it became an overwhelming urge to just scratch until it hurt!!! I just couldn't stop and the area of itching and burning became larger and larger!!!

When I noticed I'd scratched until my lower abdomen had no skin and was weeping and bleeding I thought it'd gone too far and got Nathan to call the hospital - being a typical male he hated talking medical so he handed the phone to me as soon as it started ringing - only thing was it was the wrong hospital!! Another 3 minutes wasted while I searched for the RIGHT hospital and called them - I was told as I was concerned enough to tall at midnight I should probably come in... but they wouldn't tell me if it was the right thing to do as they couldn't see through the phone - hmmm really captain obvious?? I thought we had video phones now... - well knock me over with a pogo stick if you couldn't see through the phone!!!

Next came the obvious discussion - was I fit enough to drive as we had no one to watch the kids sleep - and we still haven't got around to organising ambulance insurance (one more thing that's different to Tas - none of that stuff needed in Tassie!!) Tough titties on this one, I had to harden up and drive myself... so all padded up with combine dressings from my first aid kit to stop the bleeding and weeping mess and pulling on whatever clothes I could get off the shelf I drove myself the 5 kms or so to the local hospy....

By this time I was as red as Rudolph's nose from top to bottom, had rashes all over my extremities and my mouth was itching and dry - oh and my tummy that was weeping and bleeding was roaring at my feeble attempts to restrain it's outpouring - ouchies!!!

After providing the necessities to the triage nurse and seeing the person who takes your details and prints your stickers (no idea of her positions name at this stage, some administration thingy I'm sure ;)) I was ushered to the waiting room and told it wont be long.... And for a change it wasn't!!!

the waiting room wasn't that bad - it had a TV that had volume so much improved from Burnie waiting room ;) The mole was on with Tom what's his name that won dancing with the stars - I just watched the dancing body - not the name ROFL That's a show I'm going to have to search out soon - I loved the Mole tv show!!!

Anyways after around 15 minutes my name was called. I limp over to the door - by now my tummy had given up on weeping and bleeding and decided it was going to stick tight to the combine dressing so every time I moved it pulled and stung like hell... got to love my body always trying to cause me as much pain as possible!!! Apparently I was in obvious distress (hmm well now wouldn't you be!!!) I was still fighting myself to stop itching. I have no fingernails as anyone who knows me I'm a long term fingernail biter (that habit will be broken at some stage... ) so the fact I was able to rip the first few layers of skin off my abdomen and top of my thighs is a testament to how urgent and strong the urge to scratch was - and now it had spread everywhere with this infernal rash that was all over my arms and legs as well!!!

Anyhoos, Dr comes and diagnoses an allergic reaction - oh wait, or was that me who told them what was happening?? Apparently they were concerned as my BP was up, heart rate was up and I'd started to get symptoms that meant my airways could be compromised - this all indicated a possible anaphylactic reaction. Thankfully it didn't progress that far!!

the kind nurse and Dr decided I needed a dose of phenergan. Now anyone who is familiar with this medication knows how it's got a great side effect of making one sleep... If you rewind a bit you'll recall how I drove myself to the hospital... could be interesting trying to get home hey ;) Anyways the needle STUNG!!! I mean stung - so much so I actually swore **blush** Shame on me!!! and it went for aaages, I swear that thin piece of hollow metal was in my thigh for almost 5 minutes - oh maybe a slight exaggeration, but serisouly - it took soooo long to be fully administered!!!

Withing 10 minutes (yeps I was watching the clock) I noticed things start to double up... The hands on the clock multiplied and I couldn't focus, I knew sleep was around the corner - I was zonked out!!! A couple of times I was disturbed with some checks being done....

Around 3am however I was told I could go home - I was kinda awake, I can just remember being asked if I could drive - of course I said yes hahaha - me being the big independent girl and all!!! The hospy said they could call Nathan to come and get me - I was lucid enough to laugh and say he was at home with 4 kids and no vehicle LOL next option put forward was a taxi.. Hmmm lets see, that would leave my vehicle at the hopspital with no driver... that could be a longish walk for Nathan first thing in the morning to ahve it home for the kids to go to school!!! The only option was for me to suck it up, wake up enough to drive home - in soupie fog!!!

Driving home in clear weather was one thing... but the fog was really really thick - so much so in my drunken observance I almost missed the turn off for our street!!! I'm sure I was utilising all my taxes and all over the road as well LOL Ahh but importantly I got home safe - just, and got to bed safe and sound.

I did receive a lecture. Under no circumstances am I to use anything oin the canestan family as apparently I could be slightly allergic to it!! Slightly allergic being a mild under exaggeration methinks ;)

So yesterday was slept away - I think I was possibly conscious for 3 hours in total.... And today I'm sooo giddy and dizzy!! I've never been drunk so have never experienced a hangover, but from what I've gleaned form others commetns and common knowledge I think that's possibly what I'm kinda experiencing at the moment - the room is really spinning and lurching - got to love it - NOT!!! oh to be back in bed, but laying down makes the spinning worse so upright I am at the moment ;)

So yeah - not the average couple of days for me. I'm semi-conscious and trying to piece together everything and will never touch the chemical of doom again!!!!

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