Thursday, June 17, 2010

Popping In...

I've decided today I'm having a day in. The weather is rotten - just like in Tassie hehehe Blowing a gale and raining buckets!!! A full on winter day :)

I picked up some photo's from the Camera House and LOVE the quality!! Brilliant - I know where I'm getting my pics developed from now on Wink We didn't have them in Burnie, so were stuck with chemists or kmart - hence why most of my pics are still on the puter hehehe. I'm about to put through a HUGE order with them Wink

Thanks too guys for your thoughts yesterday - I'm feeling a bit better today... I've come to the conclusion you can't change what others do around you but you don't have to stay there and put up with it either Wink Sometimes fighting things just isn't worth the effort... So positive from now on Wink (**fingers crossed**)

Well due to a few things it looks like I'm driving from Mt Gambier to Melbourne and back next week to pick my parents up from the airport - I'm terrified about that... Driving in Melbourne for a start - and then trying to find the airport for another!!! Eeeeekkk!! I'll be by myself as there's not enough room in the car for everyone so just me and Dommy.... Oh and both ways in one day - I'm hoping Dad can drive some of the way home because I'll be sooo exhausted!!! LOL

Anyhoos, lots to do and then some scrapping to be orgamanised!!!!
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